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TNT Cancels Witchblade

SCIFI WIRE -- TNT has canceled Witchblade, though the supernatural series concluded its second season with healthy ratings, Variety reported. The series went on temporary hiatus earlier this year, when star Yancy Butler underwent alcohol rehab.

The cancellation came even though the series drew at least a 2.0 cable rating during both its first and second seasons, the trade paper reported. Steve Koonin, TNT's executive vice president and general manager, told Variety that the cancellation was "a very tough decision. Our criteria for this show was really fourfold," he said: that it be advertiser- and cable operator-friendly, that it differentiate the network from its competitors, that it build ratings and that it lay groundwork for the network to be in the summer series business. "Witchblade did all of that great for two years," Koonin said. "We just felt to stretch it to a third year could hurt some of those areas."
i hope sci-fi does but they have so much on their plate now. i was so depressed when i read dave's post! another one of my favorites bites the dust :(
I hope this cheers you up then. I've given you a mini-forum and moved the posts over.

The show has been sold to 150 countries around the world. It's unbelievable that they could cancel it when it's obviously so popular, but I think it is more to do with Yancy Butler being unreliable than the official reasons they are giving.
And doubly annoying that it gets cancelled before it even hits UK shores - another reason why we might never get it at all :mad:
yes yancy is in re-hab for alcohol abuse!

which is kind of ironic since in one epi her character confronts the medical examiner for drinking on the job!

hopefully those 150 countries will make this a bigger forum!

Thanks for the forum Dave :D <big hug>
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