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The Truth Is Out There
Nov 18, 2001
Does anyone want a WITCHBLADE forum started?

The popular comic is now in its 2nd season.

Vote now and give your reason for your answer.
I wondered why there weren't many discussions on this topic.

I have not actually seen the show myself - what station does it air on in the US? Has it been shown at all in the UK?
Iv'e never heard of the show.
I'm in the uk, which might be why.
I think the show is on TNT. I watched the movie when the show first came out and wasn't impressed. I've read the comic and enjoyed it. I've also read "The Darkness", also a pretty good comic. Is "Witchblade" still coming out in comic form?
It comes on TNT on Monday at 9pm.

I have done some checking and I don't think it airs in the UK. Pitty it would make a great forum.

Witchblade is still made as a comic. The latest issue #43 was delayed.
Some people in the UK can get TNT as a satellite/ cable tv station, I used to be able to, but not for over a year now. I have read that they showed some of the series on the TNT channel in the UK, but I don't know how reliable that info is, and it certainly wasn't on TNT when I could get the channel. It has never been on Sky or any of the terrestrial stations here, not yet.

Based on the number of websites, it is very a popular show. If you can prove that there are enough of you, I'll make a mini-forum for it.
Ooooh I love Witchblade! Gabriel, Danny, Jake, Concabar(Sp??) are all so cute! (Yes I know I'm shallow)
Originally posted by Dave
Based on the number of websites, it is very a popular show. If you can prove that there are enough of you, I'll make a mini-forum for it.

witchblade is really at a lucky crevase if you asked me,the style is between relevant cool and damn b grade,the future of battle is the boundery between good and evil well ....maybe extra bizzare sets and boring city sets...more importantley the exact number vof people she kills could be a great element if it is put together forum -i-go-
Read a few of the comics. Good I reckon and yeah it does deserve a forum by itself.
the forum would be about the tv series now in its second season and a few tidbits about the comic.
I like Witchblade and *sighs* even have a couple muses from the show. I think it would be cool to have a mini-forum for it.
woohoo diamond :cool:

hopfully we can get more people interested and start a forum!!
My other idea is to make a mini-forum for all the small scifi TV shows with one thread here, that are completely swamped among the other threads the General Discussions forum.
Originally posted by Dave
I have opened a new 'Comics and Graphic Books' sub-forum in 'Books'. You can talk about Witchblade there.

You could have this thread moved there.

THANKS Dave :cool: Can you wait at least one more week before moving this to see if anyone else would care to join in? :D :D

would anyone like to talk about the new season?
I'll do whatever you want. First start a few more threads in General Discussions. Polls usually get good responses. Fav Character. Fav Episode. Fav Villain. If you can get more than five people to reply I'll do it and move the threads over.
i would like a mini fourm not under Graphic novels. The reasons are.

1.The shows star yancy Butler has done other Sci fi work like Mann and Machine.

2.The comic and show follow different storylines.

3.i read the comic and hated it.

as for thge show it self I have to say right now i am intridge the Ian nottingham character. And the time turn back is working out super great.

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