Wedding Day Mayhem


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Jun 3, 2001
Wedding Day Mayhem

By Emily M. Hanson

Disclaimer: The Forever Knight series is owned by Sony and was created by James Parriott. I’m only borrowing the characters for a bit of fun, and promise to put them back when I’m done. No money is being made off this fan fiction. This is primarily an action fic, but there is a touch of romance (it is Nick and Nat’s wedding, after all). Xing Long and Xiao Xing are my own characters, please don’t borrow them without my permission.

* * * * *

Part 1

Nick Knight and Natalie Lambert were finally getting married. They couldn’t believe their wedding day was here, and they’d gotten this far without the universe coming to a screeching halt. The very same universe that had thrown whatever it could find against the couple now seemed to sigh in resignation. Today, at least, fate appeared to be in their favor.

Dressed in a lovely white satin gown and lace veil, with pearls sewn into the gown’s trim, Natalie looked resplendent. Nick was very handsome in a tuxedo. Don Schanke was the best man, and Grace Balthasar was the maid of honor. Jenny Schanke also looked very lovely as a bridesmaid. Natalie walked down the aisle, arm in arm with Captain Reese. He’d been first surprised, then honored to be chosen to give away the bride.

Father Rochefort saw the impatient glint in Nick’s eyes. Well, he’d do whatever he could to speed up the wedding, but certain things just had to be done the right way. Nick was temporarily mortal, having had a cup of the magical tea he’d received last Christmas from the dragons, Xing Long and Xiao Xing. Xing Long sat near the back in human form, and the fairy dragon watched the ceremony from a dark corner in cat form. Few people knew that they were really dragons.

“Dearly beloved,†the priest began, “we are gathered here today…â€

Suddenly, the air seemed to crackle with energy, and a dark swirling cloud appeared. Everyone gaped as the cloud transformed into a girl who appeared to be about 14, with glowing red eyes and fangs. Nick appeared completely shocked.

“You are gathered here today,†she hissed, “to witness the destruction of Nicholas de Brabant, who has caused me more trouble than I have thought possible.â€

“Divia?†Nick whispered in astonishment and fear. “How can you be here?â€

“It took me a while,†Divia answered, “but I managed to learn how to re-create my original body again. I’m powerful enough now that I can ignore the feeling of discomfort that comes from,†she sneered, “holy places.â€

Father Rochefort held up a cross and glared at her. “Go away! You have no place here.â€

Divia laughed. “Crosses won’t affect me. I was born long before the Catholic religion became popular.â€

“We need the symbol of Ra, assuming that it would even work,†Nick said.

In the back, Xing Long was whispering something. Those who sat near him could not understand his words, for they were in a language that was much more ancient than English. A glowing sun appeared in front of the priest’s cross. Divia hissed and bared her fangs, then chanted something else. The sun’s image disintegrated into hundreds of glowing particles and faded. Xing Long’s illusion was dispelled.

“You will not beat me that easily this time. I want to see you outside within the next minute, Nicholas. Or else, I’ll start a fire that will be much stronger than the blaze that burned down your loft.†She waved her hand in a bizarre pattern and vanished.

“Nick, don’t do it,†Natalie pleaded. “It’s probably a trap. Can Divia survive for long in direct sunlight?â€

“Who knows? She’s obviously become more powerful since we’ve last met. What should I do, Father?â€

“Nicholas, you must do whatever your heart tells you is right,†Father Rochefort replied.

He looked at the priest, then Nat, then Schanke. “Don?â€

“It’s your decision, pal. I’ll be here if you need me.â€

It was for the safety of his friends, as well as their families that Nick made his decision. Divia would not harm anyone again if he could prevent it. “I’m going out. But, I will be back. Natalie?â€

“Yes, Nick?â€

“I love you.†He kissed her on the lips and strode purposefully out the chapel doors.

There was a long silence, then Don said, “I’m going, too. He is my pal and my partner.â€

“Donny, be careful!â€

“Yes, Myra.â€

“That tuxedo cost a lot, and if it gets ripped, I know you’re not going to be happy paying the bill.â€

Don laughed, knowing she was worried about him turning into a werewolf. The tuxedo was likely to rip. He took off his suit jacket and laid it on her lap.

“Dad, you are going to be careful, right?†Jenny said worriedly. “I mean, Nick said that Divia is a really powerful vampire, and he’s practically a normal human right now.â€

“Which is why I’m going to help him. Stay with your mom, okay? Love ya both.â€

Schanke left the chapel, hoping that Divia hadn’t already followed through with her threat. Xiao Xing let out a plaintive meow, jumped onto a nearby windowsill, glanced at Xing Long, meowed again, and gracefully leapt out. Xing Long took off his suit jacket and made his way outside, where Nick and Divia were glaring at each other.

“You didn’t say I had to come alone,†Nick pointed out, seeing that .

“True. Very well, then they will share your painful experience.â€

Xing Long transformed into a fairy dragon, a creature with transparent wings and scales that glittered like gems in the sunlight. She was about two feet tall in this form. Xing Long remained in human form and wove a spell of protection around Nick and Schanke. It was a rare enchantment, and unlikely that Divia would know how to break it. But just in case, he had another up his sleeve.

Divia lunged at Nick with her fangs. “I will drain every drop of your blood, and then you will know what it is to truly die.â€

Nick punched her, but it had little effect. He hoped the tea would wear off soon. He’d planned for the duration of the wedding ceremony, but Divia’s appearance changed things. He didn’t want it to wear off while he was still in the chapel.

Schanke took off his shirt and tie, then went into furry mode. As a werewolf, he gained a couple of inches in height and a lot of sheer power when he transformed. Unlike many Hollywood movies, most real werewolves could control their strength and transformations…except, of course, during a full moon. He looked mostly the same as before, just a lot more furry with glowing red eyes and sharp claws. His senses were sharper, plus he had a couple of rare abilities that set him apart from other werewolves. One of them was shadow walking.

The Saturday afternoon sun was high, casting lots of long shadows. Stepping into the nearest one, Schanke vanished. He found himself in a strange black and white world that reflected reality as seen from inside the shadow realm. While there, Don could see but not hear what was going on outside. He could only hear his own footsteps, echoing eerily on the ghostly pavement. Schanke stepped into a shadow adjacent to Divia and re-appeared, startling her.

The vampiress snarled. “You are the one who saved Nicholas before, preventing my revenge.†Hissing, she lunged at him, but Don punched her.

Xing Long took the opportunity to begin casting a lengthy spell that would banish Divia into another plane, where she could not harm anyone. Nick found himself at the receiving end of Divia’s well-placed kick. Being mortal was great, but feeling pain wasn’t. He groaned.

Don winced. “Ouch. That’s gotta hurt.â€

“Tell me about it.â€

Xiao Xing hurled magic energy bolts that flashed through the air, distracting Divia. But the vampiress managed to turn into mist form, thus being invulnerable to most physical harm. There wasn’t much else they could do now. Divia laughed, knowing that she had the upper hand. Neither Nick nor Schanke could hurt her. She turned and advanced towards the fairy dragon.

Suddenly, a white mist appeared and surrounded the vampiress, who was forced into her solid body. Divia chanted rapidly, but her words had no effect. The mist enveloped her completely, then faded. Divia was gone.

“Where did she go?†Schanke asked.

“To a place where she cannot cause any trouble,†Xing Long replied. “Nick, I believe your wedding is still on. Am I correct?â€

“Yes. Definitely.â€

Schanke turned back to normal and put on his shirt and tie as Nick grinned. “Thanks, everyone. I appreciate your help.â€

“No problemo,†Don replied.

Xiao Xing shape-shifted into cat form and meowed. *You are quite welcome,* she said to Nick in mind-speech.

“It was an honor,†Xing Long agreed.

“Natalie, I see that your fiancé is still in one piece,†Grace remarked as Nick entered, followed by Don and the dragons.

“Yes!†Jenny exclaimed after turning around to look, then blushed.

“Wonderful,†Father Rochefort declared. “Nicholas, are you all right?â€

“Yeah, thanks to my friends. Let’s get this show on the road, huh?â€

“That is a great idea.â€

Nick and Schanke took their places, Xing Long sat back down and Xiao Xing curled up on his lap. No one seemed to mind.

“Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to witness the marriage of Nicholas Brabant Knight and Natalie Lambert. These two have been through many extraordinary things together, and strongly believe that it is not luck, but God’s will that has brought them together. Though they are both very different people, Nick and Natalie have remained the best of friends. I will now recite the vows that will bind them together as husband and wife.â€

As he recited their vows, Father Rochefort could not believe that Nick and Nat were finally getting married. They’d been so much. It seemed as if the universe was trying to keep them apart, especially after today’s appearance of that other vampire, Divia. Her evil plan had been thwarted and now they could finally be together.

A tear slipped out of Nick’s eye as he placed the ring on his bride’s finger. “You are my sun, my life, and my happiness. Without you, I would still be alone in the darkness. I love you, Natalie. I do.â€

“Oh, Nick,†Nat replied as a tear fell out of her eye. She couldn’t believe this moment was finally here. Incredible as it seemed, they were finally married…well, almost. Nick and Nat were so close to a lifetime together. Natalie hoped nothing else would happen to spoil the wedding.

After completing the vows and the ring exchange, Father Rochefort couldn’t help but grin. “I now pronounce you husband andife. You may kiss the bride.â€

Nick gave Natalie a very passionate kiss. He felt the effects of the tea beginning to wear off and had to close his eyes for a moment, certain that they were turning red. When his eyes no longer burned, Nick opened them.

“It is my privilege to introduce Nicholas and Natalie Knight,†Father Rochefort announced with a wide smile.

As the wedding guests applauded, Nick and Nat gazed into each other’s eyes, wondering what their future held.

* * * * *

The End