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Jun 3, 2001
Ok, this isn't exactly a story, but there's nowhere else to really post it. Some of you might get a kick out of it. I originally wrote it in 2001.


* * * * *

You know you've been reading too much FK fanfic when you're doing computer programming late at night, and the rather silly thought pops into your head that FK has a certain logic.

This is in written both C-style and Visual Basic-style code. Please note that this is not real code, but it could work if you declared all of your variables to match it.

Forever Knight Logic by Emily

currentyear = 2001;

For (Nick = 1228; Nick < currentyear; Nick++)

Angst = Angst + 1;


If (Nick = angsting) Then

Flashback = True;

End If

If (partner = "Schanke") Then

If (Season = 1) Then

Captain = "StoneTree

Else: Captain = "Cohen"

End If

End If

If (partner = "Tracy" Then

Season = 3

Captain = "Reese"

End If

If (Nick&Natalie) = True Then

Nick&Janette = False

End If

If (Nick&Janette) = True Then

Nick&Natalie = False

End If

If (LaCroix = Nightcrawler) Then

Monolouge = True

End If

I couldn't think of any more. Sheesh I must have been really overtired to think of this stuff. This is what you get for doing too much programming, reading too much FK fanfic, and staying up too late --- heh heh.

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