Top 5 Fav Buffy Eps?

left one off m'list --

but "Lover's Walk" is def one of the top 5! -- all characters included in the story arc --- among other things -- comedy potential and all that -- Spike hit Xander w/ a microscope, how much more comedic can you get? :)

anyway --- Joss was remiss in forgetting this one too - but anyway --- :D
My top five would be:

1. Dopplegangland

2. Hush

3. Faith, Hope & Trick

4. Two To Go

5. Halloween

Once More With Feeling is ace and I love that episode to bits, but Halloween is just so funny. :rolly2:

Would it help if I put OMWF at numbr six. :p

To be honest picking just five episodes from the entire Buffy series is an extremely difficult job.

:D Evolution
Tell me about it!

I was on a board where we had to say pick your top 3 from each season - and even THAT was hard!!

Top 5 ever? I've done this -

"Intervention" is still my absolute fave!

"Lie to Me" is good

"The Body" / "Forever" I like for many reasons - and I think these two have to go together

"Becoming I & II" - there's just so much story arc here - character development too (one of my biggies!)

And from S7 -- I really liked "Lies My Parents Told Me" and "CWDP" --

I do like "OMWF" - b/c it was the first ep I ever saw all the way through; but I don't know if I'd put it in my 'Top 5' - top 10, yeah, but not sure about top 5 --

But, "Intervention" will not fall from #1 - it's my fave ep and I love it! It and "Crush" seemed to have sparked many of my BtVS related fics --- unanswered questions, I guess...
Yeah, Intervention was a good episode, The introduction of the Buffybot was great. Spike enjoyed it...

Yeah - but that's not why it's my fave -

It's kinda complicated, has a lot to do w/ character arcs and stories and such and character development --

The only qualm I have w/ "Intervention" is that there's so little about Dawn - tho she's kind of a focus w/ the whole 'Key' discussion - but that's okay ---
Okay lets see..
Once more, with feeling
Tablua Rasa
Band Candy
Hush (Pretty good and first appearence of Tara/Amber)
Entropy (Only the end bit because Tara and Willow made up0
The Killer in me
The Prom
School hard
Bargining (Dunno why)
The first time I did this, I hadn't seen seasons 3 and 4 for ages, so I'm changing my list. :p

1. Innocence
2. Band Candy
3. Hush
4. Once More With Feeling
5. Passion
6. Becoming pt II
7. Something Blue
8. Doppelgangland
9. Halloween
10. Lies My Parents Told Me
Oh! I we going with top ten now? Cool!!! I need to think of another five episodes. :erm: erm...will have to have a think about this, get back to you tomorrow. But one thing's for sure "Doppelgangland" will always rule. :D
My Top Five....... WHich are only in season 1-3

5. Prophecy Girl- just cause it's awesome
4. Welcome To The Hellmouth- the episode that changed my life and got me addicted
3. Bad Candy- Giles with a cigarette and tight jeans, forgettable
2. Innocense- talk about a turning point for the show, I could've cried when Angel blew Buffy off
1. Phases- just cause I loved the charactor Oz and it was nice to get to know him better
These aren't in any order, just a selection of my faves.

Becoming - Having to send Angel to hell even though he had his soul and no idea what he had done.
The Body - How can it not make you cry?!
The Gift - The end that starts a new beginning!
Hush - How many other series could make silence work, or even try?!
The Wish - Evil lesbian Willow!
Doppelgangland - Reason as above ( if I weren't straight!!!)
Innocence - Everyone loves a rocket launcher!
Once more with feeling - Buffy finally tells everyone that she was in heaven not hell.
Can't remember which episode it is, but it's the one where the scoobs go looking for Giles and find him singing and playing guitar in a pair of jeans and a sweater! Yum! (makes me glad i am straight!!!)
Also the episode in the last season when Buffy gives her absolutely awesome speech!
I don't have a particular order... depends on how I feel. But:

1. Hush - Freaky, but fantastic.
2. Dopplegangland - Vampire Willow = hot
3. Helpless - Giles is just the sweetest thing
4. Beer Bad - Not terribly tactful, but it cracks me up
5. Something Blue - I'm a huge Buffy and Spike being together fan
6. Buffy Vs. Dracula - He gives me shivers, the good kind
7. Once More With Feeling - Catchy
8. Tabula Rasa - Hilarious
9. Doublemeat Palace - HA!
10. Get It Done - So sad to see it over...

There are more. So many more.
Ermmm... Ok :S there all Fantastic but

1.The Gift
2.Welcome to The Hellmouth
3.Wild at Heart
My most favourite 5 Buffy episodes would have to be:
1. The Gift (Season 5)
2. The Body (Season 5)
3. Chosen (Season 7)
4. Grave (Season 6)
5. Conversations With Dead People (Season 7)
I have another favourite episode but I can not think of the name at the momment, but I know it`s my favourite because Buffy sees Joyce again.
:D :p :D :p :D
My top favourite Buffy episodes:

1. Grave- A real action-packed episode witha meaning. Especially sad at the end when Willow crys for Tara

2. The Body- The most realistic, disturbing and sad Buffy episodes

3.Forever- I would have to say that this is the sadest Buffy episode ever. At the end Buffy just let it all out, crying and crying and crying after Dawn had reversed the spell. This was really sad.

4.The Gift- The second sadest episode of Buffy. This episode was all about self-sacrifice and knwing whta was the right thing ot do.

5.Chosen- The most epic Buffy episode. Over-all, this is my favourite Buffy episode. At last, the evil around the Hellmouth on top of Sunnydale is finally over and Buffy, Dawn,Willow,Xander,Faith,Giles, Principle Wood,Kennedy,Rona and the rest of the new Slayers have made a magnificent triumph.
Mine is 'Once More With Feeling', the part wherein Buffy sings that she was in heaven is like a punch to the chest everytime I watch it.
The Zeppo
Becoming Pts 1 & 2

Okay, that's six :whistle:
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