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Jun 6, 2001
News from the MacMINT Asylum - (thanx to JamWired and her newsletter) --

Peter is slated to be in the new X-Men movie!! From my understanding he gets quite a bit of screentime, but not so many lines. (still sounds better than Endgame)

So - be on the lookout for the new X-Men movie and Peter!!
According to Countdown X2:

"we can now report that the character Peter Wingfeld is playing is named Lyman. Lyman is a right-hand man to Brian Cox's ex-military commander Stryker in the film."


The film is loosely inspired by the X-Men graphic novel 'Gold Loves, Man Kills' which is a pretty amazing piece of work. If it sticks closely to the story then Stryker's people are non-mutants and part of a militant evangelical crusade that believes mutants are a abomination and must be destroyed.

He may be not a mutant but he is in the movie. Good enough for me ;)
Thanx for the update, EvilJy!!

we'll keep watching ---

anyone know the release date of X2??
cool! I'm glad he'll be in it in any capacity. I don't know about the rest of you but I think he would have been perfect for the part of Nightcrawler. That's just me though :D
I don't know a lot about X-men - but that didn't stop me from seeing the 1st movie, and it won't stop me from seeing the 2nd one - esp if Peter's gonna be in it!

Now - if we can just talk someone into making a Methos series...
Great news, I was looking for X Men the sequel, but now I'm running for the theater to see X Men. :rolly2: I need my fix of Methos. ;)

Tell me about it, the short scenes he have in End Game. :(

By the way, I think this is the place to check this info out. Highlander II, I read in other forum that Adrian Paul is going to produce a series called Trinity and that is a Methos series. Any news on that? You know is that is true, that is one I totally have to see.

Krystal :p
If you go to the official X2 site you can see PW briefly in one of the video exlusives of the trailer. It's not for long but there's no mistaking that it's him. Must be the nose :D
Sorry I haven't been around - things happen --

I'm gonna peek around and see if I can find anything on Trinity - not sure what I'll come up with - but I'll look -- and report back here -

RE: X2 - woo and big honkin' hoo!! so what if you can only see his nose! :D (I know that's not what you said) -- but it's PW and he'll be there - and I'll see if I can find more out on what he's up to --

back in a bit ----
This is what I could round up --

Okay - found a site -- Highlander 5 that has the most up-to-date info that I could find -

Apparently a 5th movie is in the works - w/o Adrian Paul - apparently he would prefer to be more in control (not sure if him in control would be a good thing or bad thing - I don't have an opinion really on his directorial or writing skills - just on his acting) - but with Christopher Lambert and Elizabeth Gracen. There doesn't seem to be a definite yes or no on Peter Wingfield.

As for 'Trinity' - there's still not much on that - just something about 3 immortals and probably '3 cast regulars from Highlander' (probably the series, not the movies)

That's about all I could find really --- I didn't do a lot of looking as I'm getting ready to jump off here and set up my VCR to tape the X-mas ep of JAG while I watch the X-mas ep of BtVS ---

But I'll look around some more and report what I find ------
Great, thanx for share the info Highlander. Find something is better than nothing. :D

Krystal :p
yeah - I even poked around for a bit, but still didn't find any more on either, actually - H5 or Trinity --

Guess we'll have to wait and see ---

I just know I'm not shelling out a bunch-o bucks to see H5 after the horrid mess Endgame was -- gah -- I don't care if they show naked Methos, I'm still not paying bunches for a bad HL film --
well I might have to debate a bit on that if there was something like that in there but I most likely wouldn't go to a full priced theatre to see it...we have a $2 one and I'd go there :D
from PWFC....

Peter has just announced that he will be filming an episode on USA Network’s series “Dead Zone†in early January. He told us that he will be the “Antithesis of ‘Art, not Commerce’. Playing a Brit airline pilot.â€

The airdate isn't known but the series premiered on January 5th
Cool! I always love to see him even as guest star, is going to be fun seeing him in Dead Zone. :D

Krystal :p

Was snooping around the net and found some info on Trinity, although it's very vague. Look here to read more.

Doesn't look like there's much hope of PW showing up...
*sigh* Looks that way --

However, I totally agree w/ whoever wrote the bit about hiring Joel Soisson to do the new movie - Is Panzer just that blind and stupid? Endgame was the biggest load of (insert descriptive noun here) that ever was related to Highlander. Thus, leading one to believe Soisson has NO CLUE how to write Highlander lore / scripts - please! get rid of him and hire someone who knows how to write Highlander!
Re: Trinity

Thanks for sharing the info Mystery. That's not so good news as you mention.

Is obvious the mayority will love to see Methos better. ;)

Krystal :p

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