WTH was that opening credits from Frozen?!?


Jan 17, 2002
As my thread stated: WTH was that opening credits from Frozen?!?

Personally, I liked the original opening credits, liked the syndicated montage even more, and love the (up to Frozen) one.

But come on! What was that before Frozen!? It looked like they slapped it together in a few hours! It was very badly done, the writing at the bottom of the screen looked TERRIBLE, and it looked SO CHEAP!!!!

I read somewhere that Brad Wright considered the new opening credits a temporary version. Does he mean the one from Redemption and Descent, or the one from Frozen?

:( :(
perhaps too many of the fans became nautious from the original season 6 credits and they threw this one together quickly . . . ? :(
the beginning of s6 ones were different, but after the novelty wore off i got bored with them

the same might happen with the new ones, but i think they're cute.
hmmm, haven't seen any yet, but what was wrong with the opening we've had for 5 years? just stick Jonas in where Danny was...or leave Danny in & add Jonas...
Skoon's idea would have worked for me . . .

The new pics are growing on me; not the ones of the cast members, but the one like the planet with the large weapon Ray'ac helped destroy. Nice with the score.
ok, my turn to be stupid (apart from the fact that my computer wont open the files), what does IMO mean? i know LMAO is laughing my arse off, is it anything like that?
oh, cheers

i have a few realplayer files that work, and they're .ram. does that help?
I like the newer opening credits, better then the before when it was just a gate and the statue (from showtime) actually tho I really like the syndicated opening credits, much more action and adventure type of thing shown. :D

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