Dreamwatch snippet/ Abyss Spoilers


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Oct 1, 2000
found this snippet from Dreamwatch magazine (#95) on another list

"SIX APPEAL" by Ian Spelling..
As previously mentioned, the action kicks off with Redemption, Part 1
and Redemption Part 2,which lead into Descent, Nightwalkers and ABYSS.
Regular viewers of the series will find that the SG-1 crew is still
dealing with the loss of Daniel Jackson.Over the first five years,
the friendship between O'Neill and Jackson emerged as the heart and
soul of the show.The character was written out at the behest of
Shanks,who'd made it clear he wanted to close the gate.

" Michael had uttered the sentiment that he was ready to move on"
Anderson notes," He's doing fine.If I'm going to earmark any episode
so far this season, its Abyss, which is an episode we just finished
that I did with Michael. I'm trapped in a small space without my
memory and Daniel pays me a visit."

"I think out of all the actors, and this is not meant as a slight to
anyone else but rather as a practical comment on the dynamic between
Michael and I, he and I had the most fun and trusted each other the
most to be able to pull off the kinds of things we did, particularly
in ABYSS. The episode has scenes between us that overlap, where we're
both going on and the dialogue is fast and intense in content. We
were able to pull the scenes off because we work well together and
had had a lot of practice doing it. Thats an episode I thoroughly
enjoyed doing and it was good to see Michael again..."
yes, sniff sniff, can't wait to see it...of course technichally Danny isn't gone yet. He gets axed this Wednesday for me.:(

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