Herbert, Frank: How do the newer Dune series books compare with the Originals?


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Jun 13, 2001
How do the newer Dune series books compare with the Originals?

I am a big fan of the original Dune books - I think the first one is the book that I have read most often - and I re-read books a lot

I haven't read any of the more recent Dune books - but I was wondering if anyone that has would like to share their opinions on them.
Do they compare well with Herbert's originals? Do the stories fit well with what has already been told? When are they set?

Should I run out and buy them right now? ;)
Same characters, different appeal

I would go to your public library and check them out first. There's a lot more sex & violence and a lot less philosophy in these three, so don't be disappointed.
Thanks... I think I might go with the library on this one :) I thought the earlier books began to go a bit over the top with the sex in the final books, so maybe I won't like these ones so much.
well then contrary to the opinion already posted, im gonna suggest u go read them. i think his son has done a good job with the writing, the storys flow well and are interesting. and by now he has written a 4th book that is just as good as his first 3:rolly2:
I agree with timdgreat, you should give it a try. Although the sex is still in some I think is not the prominent theme. And I think is a must see to learn the backgrounds of all the characters we have seen through the saga. You will get details on Duke Leto, Liet, Jessica, Baron Harkonnen, Duncan, Thuffat, Gurney, and how Shaddam gets to be Emperor. Is definitely a must read. The stories fit well in what we already have read, the prequel is supposedly frame 30 years before the story of Dune is I remember what I read in the book correctly.

So give it a try although it doesn't hurt to look for them in a library first or read excerpts of it. I buy it without a glance and can honestly say I'm not dissapointed at all. :D

I've got so many unread books sitting on my bookshelf, but I am going to make the effort to take a look at these - it will be a good excuse to re-read the originals, if nothing else ;)
Definitely a good excuse to read it again. ;) And after read the prequels probably one have to read the originals again to see some characters that are explain more in the prequels and were only a short time in the originals. Is really great.

Krystal :p
and there is just recently released a new one by his son, The machine crusade, havent finished reading it yet, but its looking good:):rolly2:
and it just keeps getting better, i think that his Brian is gonna surpass his dad:rolly2:
Let's hope so, so we could have Dune for a long time. :D Well, Brian and Kevin. Both of them colaborate in the books.

Krystal :p
ok well i finished it, its a great book, brian and Kevin are doing well again:D:rolly2:
Cool! I'm ending House Corrino and my next one is The Butlerian Jihad. :D

Krystal :D
waits paitently for some one to catch up so he can discuss theese books greatness:d:rolly2:
I just want to start out by saying that I deeply love Frank Herberts Dune series. I've got them all, and I've read all of them atleast two or three times. So when it was announced that his son was going to write new books based on Frank's left over notes I was thrilled.

Of the new books I've read the two first prequals and The Butlerian Jyhad. House Atreides wasn't so bad, even though it was nothing like Frank's books it managed to introduce the world coherently and most characters were interesting. I didn't care much for the plot and it was evident that Brian and Kevin thinks that the more plot you have the better it is. I really liked the original Dune's introspective political and philosophical themes, but in the new books there was little of that.

While reading House Harkonnen I started to actively dislike the plot. The whole artifical spice thing is retarded, especially since there is no mention of it in the Dune books that take place just a few decades after. Most of the other plots are equally retarded and I don't think I will bother reading to read House Corrino.

What can I say about Butlerian Jyhad? I think this sums it up pretty good:

This books is an insult to Frank Herbert legacy and quite possibly on of the worst sci-fi novels I've ever read.
In fairness the new books are going to be different to the originals for two reasons.

New writers. No matter how close the relationship between the writers, each will have their own writing style.

The second and possibly more profound reason is that these new volumes are being written some 30 years after the originals. What is considered good writing has changed significantly over the years (IMHO not for the better) moving towards something long-winded (literary diaorhea). Even if Frank Herbert were writing new Dune novels, it would be likely that he would also have to fall foul of this as it seems to be what publishers require.

It would however be much easier to swallow if the publishers would not try to sell them as extensions to the original, but as novels 'based upon the Dune Series'. It is after all how much of Tom Clancey's ghosted novels are sold?
I've just finished reading the Dune Trilogy for the first time - loved it, but feel like I missed about half of it (so much in there!) so will probably end up reading it again .. and again.
I'm currently working my way through all the posts on Dune, but have a question - are these new books ONLY prequels, or does the story continue after GodEmperor Leto's ascension to the throne as well?

The classic Dune novels are some of my favourite books of all time and they have been read and re-read time and time again without losing any of their original wonder. Frank Herbert created one of the most complex and detailed worlds in Science Fiction and the books are unique. I came to the books pretty late, only reading them when I was in University, having been given the first as a gift.

I still remember staying up through the night to finish it and then rushing downtown to Waterstones to pick up whatever else I could find. The ones I loved best of all are the first six - Dune; Dune Messiah; Children of Dune; God Emperor of Dune; Heretics of Dune; Chapterhouse: Dune.

I have tried getting into the later ones that Brian Herbert has done but I simply cannot even after having tried to read them several times. I agree with ray_gower that the books might go down better if they were sold as being based upon the original Dune series rather than extensions. That might help remove the preconceptions and expectations of a similar style and attitude to Frank Herbert, which is what I think my main problem is.
I think there are very, very few SF books that can compare with the original, "Dune." Even the sequels written by Frank.

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