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Jonas is okay....

.... if you like energetic eager puppies.

Sam and Jonas?

:shudders in horror:
Originally posted by Gemsong
Sam and Jonas?

:shudders in horror:

And I shudder in disbelief. Any combination of Sam with a member of SG1 would defy military logic. At best one of them would have to be transfered to another team ---

Or, we could have an entire plotline about hiding a clandestine affair and sneaking around the Air Force brass, but that would be dipping into the world of soap operas.

Not to say, of course, that logic always drives the plot of a weekly TV series :D
Originally posted by Gemsong
Errrr.... what were we talking about again?:rolly2:

Oh, we just got side-tracked by my Ra chant and what colour the pom-poms should be :)

One of those stream-of-consciousness things . . .
um, ok did it ever actually occur to ne1 that s/j could also stand for Sam/Janet ?!? Hee, hee! Neway, back to the point. I think it would be nice if Sam and Jack got together at the end of the last EVER thing, whether that be the movie or the series. I'm not talking about a Pride & Prejudice-esque ending with weddings and confetti and lots of smily, happy people with cheery music, I mean just some kind of acknowledgement of their feelings and that they are free to act upon them. To be honest, the only way I can see them ending Stargate is by either killing all of the characters off or having the SGC close down and the 'Gate made public knowledge (preferrably because it is no longer needed after the Goa'uld and Replicators have been wiped out!), therefore there would no longer be any regs standing in the way. Plus I think that after the SGC, Jack would retire anyway.
end it with them getting on in the closet...:evil:
I made a similar Sam & Janet suggestion and Anni said "Don't go there girl....... just don't go there! You're wandering into the realm of the unspoken, at least outside of slash stories!"

Perhaps Sam has an unexpressed religious vocation and would like to take the veil :D
Is she having a baby? or flyinging off into space in a Hactar (or what ever)?
K, so i admit to not reading every single reply on this thread, only a lot of page one, but y'all have seen my name, Sam Carter + Jack O'Neill = me, Sammy O'Neill! Wahoo!!!

So yes, i am totally for Sam and Jack gettin' it on, even if not till the very very end for continuity, and maybe for the sanity of the non-Shippers (you bloody no-romo's you).

A fishing invite would be cool, because we'd know what it meant if she accepted. Also, options galore for post-finale fic writers, hehe.

Until then, Shippy scenes rule and should continue on forever and ever. Even if you no-romo's or fence-sitters reckon there's nothing between Sam and Jack; in real life there is always lust between people - UST; so Shippy scenes can be scenes of Love, for S/J'ers, and Lust (even if thought to be misguided or wrong) by non S/J'ers/No-Romo's.

I'm not against romance. I think Sam had a great thing going with Orlin. Now that he has re-ascended who knows what kind of special techniques those glow-types know.

Could make a lonely Sam ever so much happier without risking a court-martial. :evil:
I think we have at least another season, and possibly a movie, to wait.
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