my speculation on the Ancients


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Sep 8, 2001
Acording to the previews, next week SG-1 unthaws a woman who they believe to be one of teh Ancients, the race whom Thor says built the gates. One major thing clicked with me when I saw this woman in the preview...she's human!!!

This leads me to think something I've neve considered untill now...what if humans are simply the decendants of the ancients? This could explain why the earth had an extra gate lying would also explain why the Asgard were so willing to accept earth into the aliance, though tehre is the matter of calling humans the 5th race in a list where the Ancients are already mentioned...maybe the Asgard didn't want humans to know too much about their own history too quickly for some reason...and if the Ancients were the "first humans", what happened to transform human culture from something so advanced to something so basic?

Anyway, I'm just starting to ramble, os I'll cut myself off and let y'all add to it.
Intriguing speculation. If true, perhaps the Asgard DONT KNOW that humans are descended from the Ancients. What a stupid thing to say; the Asgards were good mates with the Ancients-> how could they not know??
Maybe the Ancients evolved in such a way that the human form no-longer existed.
perhaps the ancients new the G. liked them as hosts because they were so advanced, therefore the ancients perposely genetically 'dumbed' down humans so that they would not be as attractive as hosts anymore (this backfireing with the G now experamenting trying to make super humans again). Or maybe the Ancients played with cloning & screwed up along the way, lost something, mutated?
this is a subject i am hugely interested in perhaps if a movie which is being talked about is released we will see something of the anceints, but for me i am convinced they were residents of the lost city of atlantis perhaps a completely different race to humans but with the same exteria, possibly they packed up and left the galaxy like the asguard said in 5th race, and without the ancients around on earth no more it left the way clear for the Goauld to just come and pluck off the humans for hosts. This opens up many ideas, the fact that we co existed with a more advanced culture, or perhaps we didn't know they were there hell for all we know we may have evolved on a completely different world and were brought to earth by the anceints for safety from the goauld ill let you decide what you make of it but thats a few things i think

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