6.02: Redemption part two

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gotta ask though --

was I the only one kinda disappointed that they answered how they got the gate into the mountain?? I kind of enjoyed all the speculation -

I think so. :lol: :lol: Just kidding, but it is good that they finally answered it. All those years of speculation have finally been put to rest.

This episode was well-done - tho, Graham Simmons was missing - odd that he's in the 1st half, but not the 2nd -- [/B]

Yeah, I thought that was werid. Hopefully he'll be turning up alot this season. Now all we have to do is get them to bring back the femal technician, and it's more like the old days.
well, I wasn't devastated that they told us, but ya know, there's always gotta be that one question that never gets answered --

like: Where do Immortals really come from? (and that's discounting the Highlander II movie)

ya know?

I liked the way they answered it, and it's nice to know, but, I dunno -- maybe it's just me....
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One cut Teal'c is shouting son's name, Anubus' toy is imploding, Bra'tac is holding Teal'c back, and next scene after the break he's okay? I just don't get the scene. It's a shout of victory? I've seen it twice and don't follow.
After a fifth (!) viewing of the scene I can see Rya'c's ship getting hit by weapon's fire and start to go down. But I'm still thinking we're missing something.

And the "okay, you got like 15 motherships in orbit around the planet and yet their superweapon gets taken out by a kid in a hotwired death glider? " I think this was somehow a homage to StarWars Ep. 1 where the kid saves the day. Same sort of odds.
hey did anyone else notice that at was wearing THE braclet when she was getting bandaged during this epi?
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Where was McCay supposed to be stationed?

I thought he was long gone.

They packed him off to Russia at the end of 48 hours -
I remember him saying something like, you can't do that I'm not part of the airforce - he was really pd off and Sam had a lovely little smile on her face as he went out the door !!
My favourite quote would be:

Sam (re: the x302): Believe it or not, every pound counts!
Jack: I shouldn't have had that cake.


I didn't understand why Carter was overplaying the risk in Dr. McKay's suggestion (to send an EM pulse through the gate and knock out Anubis' weapon.) Surely, a 'Big' explosion is preferable to an 'end of the world' type explosion.

In hindsight, she was right, but I thought it had a good chance of working.

I'm not an 'egghead' but I did think of Jonas' solution about 20 minutes earlier, and I didn't need to become at one with the Stargate to think of it.

Great shooting by Ry'ac from the Death Glider. Bra'tac and Teal'c are surrounded by Anubis' Jaffa, yet he manages to kill everyone of them while leaving our heros totally unharmed. This, from a kid who's never taken part in a battle before, so never fired weapons at groups of Jaffa either, I would assume.

I find that harder to take than the later part you have described when it is hit, but still takes out the weapon.

I think I spotted a shippy moment:

Sam: If this works...... (if this works you will die and I'll never ever see you again.)
Jack: I know!
Sam: Sir?
Jack: Yes? (What's on your mind Carter?)
Sam: Good Luck!

Good Grief!
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but for every "shippy moment" there's the offsetting Sam's Lab conversation where they seem the oddest two people on the planet.

You mean the "not that you're an egghead... well you are an egghead.... but in a good way...." conversations they have?
I sorta liked that conversation. To me it's typical 'foot in your mouth' jack. :)
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the "not that you're an egghead... well you are an egghead.... but in a good way...." conversations they have?
Those are the ones. And I guess there's a similar one in Divide and Conquer between Danny and Jack, where Jack totally misses the point of the conversation. But that ep also has a big tilt to the shippers in the hallway scene and Jack sacricificing himself to the test. It's the writers playing the shipper/anti-shipper game. I get very frustrated by how they switch back and forth, will they nil they. And at the same time there's all the anti-shippers posting on ascifi that shippers read too much into the stuff.
I just loved the Sam moment:

'Before I take the credit for this, shouldn't the EM pulse generator be pointed at the Gate ?'

It's her face - classic!!
Another good episode. I had wondered also how the Stargate had ended up in the mountain. Finally got that one sorted.

Have to say am astounded how Ry'ac managed to defeat Anubis while Teal'c and Bra'tac are stranded on the planet. He must have had secret training. LOL BUT at least Anubis was defeated and alls well that ends well.

annette :D
I loved the "You're freaking me out Mckay" line, it keeps popping into my frond.

And also at the end of that scene when Carter says she's going to get dressed and Mckay asks if he should hold anything - so funny!

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