None The Wiser
Jul 24, 2003
Pi - Directed by Darren Aronofsky
(The title actually uses the symbol for Pi but I can't seem to replicate it)
Starring Sean Gullette
Region 2 DVD
Mathematics is the language of Nature. Everything that exists can be represented by numbers. Graph the numbers and patterns emerge. Therefore: there are patterns everywhere in nature. Know the pattern and you can anticipate the result. What about the Stock Market – that Universe of Numbers? Find the pattern and predict the events.

For 10 years our hero and Mathematical renegade Maximillian Cohen has been researching his ideas and it’s driving him insane. But as he gets closer to his goal, certain organisations begin to take an interest in his work. As they try to control both his work and the consequences, Max finds himself in a world he no longer trusts. But there’s more: Max is stumbling across something far greater, and more subtle than he realises. The adventure becomes a chase, where predatory groups hunt Max down – hoping to gain the power that lies within his own mind of numbers.

Filmed in Black and White with a 14:9 ratio, and stereo front with mono rear sound – this is a film that is stark and almost minimalist in its grainy, monochromatic textures. Much of the film carries that deliberate shake of the hand-held camera – giving it a feeling of chaos and urgency and, at times, almost feels like you are watching a protracted music video. Max has his rituals in the film which only adds to the music feel of ‘verse, chorus, verse, chorus’. And it works! Big Time! This film fairly chugs along, its story line growing and bloating like a parasite writhing within your brain. The dark nature moves on and the chase reaches it conclusion.

In case you haven’t guessed, I liked it. Very Much. Something a little different – and yet familiar.

To sum it up: if Kafka had made films, he might have made something like this.

Highly recommended.


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May 15, 2020
I also enjoyed this movie. That makes two of us. :)