6.01: Redemption Part one

I agree. Everyone is different and how we all view the show or different aspects of the show is what makes it so fascinating.

I am well aware that there are times when an S & J relationship is hinted at or more than hinted at even. The initial aggravation between the two character in COTG inferred that there could be more than just professional tension between the two. The fact that they were going to be expected to work together immediately brought them into direct conflict especially in active service. Jack would have been used to serving with male active service colleagues and Sam would have felt frustration at the inference that she mightn't be up to it. God, how many times have I seen that during my service. And I'm sure Rowan will agree with me.

I do understand Gategeek's concerns though because sometimes on a lot of the threads the moment poor old Jonas is mentioned in any kind of reasonable light or if someone just happens to mention that they didn't mind the character, there seems to be an immediate flurry of postings stamping on that opinion. And at the end of the day, the constant negativity can get very tedious. I read some of them and start to yawn.......

I guess we all have things about the show that we love....and some of us had them taken away. You all know my personal poison! But all things having been said.....there were aspects of this Season opener that I personally cringed at. The weapons thing.....the personnel docs thing. But that's because I lived and worked in the military atmosphere and in the British military at least (don't know about the US but I imagine it's similar), such oversights are chargeable offences and to see an officer do something like that makes me wriggle with embarrassment, because in real life it generally wouldn't happen.

And yes....The other thing which Sky mentioned and which is correct. Jack would simply not take all of those personnel records into a commissary and trawl through them while personnel wandered around him. He'd do it in his office, and I refuse to believe he wouldn't have one. Sam has her office/lab, Daniel had his office/research library. Jack as second in command would have an office....or at least access to an office where he could drink coffee to his heart's delight and have somewhere to lock up the confidential files.

But let's face it.....that is sloppiness and cutting corners on the part of the show's producers and writers. I am surprised that the Air Force rep didn't pick them up on it though, because it makes the US Air force look unprofessional. They must be aware that the military and ex military would be watching the show.

Anubis.... well, when I read on one of the list's transcripts of a chat with Joe Mallozzi that they were going to 'have a lot of fun with this character' I shuddered. Because that could mean almost anything. To tell the truth, the show has been so lame in depicting this evil enemy that it's now practically a DC Comic Book, rating alongside Spiderman. The initial Goa'uld villain in the movie reeked of decadence, ultimate power, disregard to anyone other than himself and danger. And Jack & co were hard put to defeat him. They did more by good luck than good management, or by being a superior force.

None of the villains since have even come close. The series tried to carry on the motion with Apophis, but it soon became clear that this foppish character was more petulant and arrogant than really dangerous. The closest they have come to that aura of super power and calm disregard for a 'lower' species were Heru Ur, Yu, Sokar and Cronus. Even Hathor, bless her cotton socks, was more comic opera than actually dangerous. Out of the recent Goa'uld introduced, Baal was the only one who impressed me. And Osiris....well....for some reason I just find that character totally unconvincing. She just looks to me like she's suffering from a massive, permanent bout of PMT all the time!

I stress that these are all just my opinions and I realise that other people might not necessarily agree with me. I just think that RDA & Co had this amazing concept to play with which had the most wonderful possibilities and somehow they have not taken it to the height of it's potential at all. Instead we now have a soap opera totally dedicated to the four principal characters with the result that when one of the actor's who played a character left, it practically caused WW3. Blood, snot and tears all round.

I just find it so sad. It could have been one of the most awesome sci fi shows ever and now all people can remember or think about is that Daniel isn't there and he's being replaced by someone else. Please don't think I am belittling anyone else's love for the character. I'm not. The loss of such an integral character is hard, but I just think that the show could have been remembered for other things too.

so far to me, the most intrigueing villian is Yu. At times, he's seemingly brutal, his attack upon the jaffa...but then he warns teal'c about the attack.
He doesn't seem to care much for earth...but as long as they leave him alone, he leaves them alone.
He seems to have a bit of honor...his comment in last stand about 'sore loser'.
when you confront him....which way will he go???

now anubis...heck I was laughing out loud. and there are other speculative rumors consisting of everything from Jacob being anubis, to an asgard, to a replicator encrusted apophis to yoda on stilts <G>

one thing...anubis seems to THINK big. to heck with sending ships, we'll send an asteroid, blow up their gate...it's like murdoc and macgyver....if he'd just shoot him it would have ended faster <G>
Originally posted by skydiver

one thing...anubis seems to THINK big. to heck with sending ships, we'll send an asteroid, blow up their gate...it's like murdoc and macgyver....if he'd just shoot him it would have ended faster <G>

yeah - i think that's rule #4 in the "evil overlord handbook"
4. shooting is NOT too good for my enemies.
Well, don't forget Seth for another Goa'uld with distain for the Taur'i and need for ultimate control over his slaves. Too bad they didn't write him with the idea in mind that he could have been well informed about Taur'i tech and military and what it could do. He knew enough about it to get some heavy guns on the porch, but not much else. Another Goa'uld that was as dumb as a box of rocks.
Loved Amanda Tapping's criticism of 'Seth'. :lol:

He certainly should have had more than a cult following and a big chair. I'd have expected him at least to be the chairman of a big multi-national corporation.

It was otherwise a good episode though, in that Sam and Daniel did their respective things, Jack smiled and was supportive, Teal'c laughed and it was a real team effort, which was *nice* :)

Ahem - is Bill Gates a goa'uld, do you think...? ;)

Best wishes,
Hatshepsut :wave:
Bill Gates

I coluld ask some of my friends if his eyes glowed during the last board meeting... ;)

i do recall that they based Adrian Conrad's general appearance (the picture of him in the glasses) on bill gates....that it was a bit of a joke.
Thanks 4 the info guys, much appeciated! Does ne1 know if I can download the nu stargate eps from KaZaA?!?! I don't think I can wait for a few months!:(
Lene......email me at anne.selby@ntlworld.com and I will give you a reasonable download site. It will take forever on Kazaa and you are dependent on the other side not terminating the connection.

Sam's lab....

One thing that really bugged me about this episode (besides the flight suits) was the cheesy low-budget looking lights in Sam's lab. Have they always been there??? I don't remember there being so MANY of them before; but they just kinda struck me as overkill..... This is supposed to be present day Earth, not Star Trek: TOS.
Originally posted by CynVision
Chekov? Chekov??! Freaking (*&(*&(* writers can't find a better Russian name?! :dead: Them writers, love to play with our heads. Hahaha. :rolleyes:
Well I think it could have been worse - they could chosen Jerkov...............
I enjoyed it. I don't see why people have been complaining about Jonas, I am warming to him.

The FX were great and I have to say it had a better feel then some of the previous episodes in S5.

I am looking forward to next episode :)
I too thought it was a great episode.

Im getting to like Jonas more and more and it was a great season opener..

I could say more but I think its all been said!
I like this eppy, and unlike some people thought Jonas was a nice guy, unlike McKay who was an ass but it was very funny with him there :D
We got to see parts I and II last night together and I really enjoyed them. Now I see what all the earlier posts meant about Anubis and his 'voice of doom' . I mean - really - for gods sake - all that prepare to meet your doom stuff - hysterical !!

OK, (putting on her flak jacket) maybe its just because Daniel Jackson was never my fave character, but I didn't miss him, not at all, ( I was more conscious of Janet not being around) and I did really like Jonas. I didn't think he was trying to worm his way in to SG1 and I loved him bouncing right back everytime Teal'c knocked him down - now that can't be easy!!. Plus he was quite endearing - did you see the way he crossed his fingers - two index fingers crossed, that made me laugh.

I'm looking forward to next week ......

overall i thought this ep was fantastic, one of the best eps i have seen in a long time.

Daniel Jackson was never my fave character, but I didn't miss him, not at all

i'm the same i didn't miss him much either. i really like jonas, he's cool, loved the bit about knowing what colours to wear, especially when jack said he'd picked a good one at the end.
I have to admit as well, I was a big Jackson fan, but I didn't really miss him all that much...

OMG There is life in SG without MS :eek: ;)
Originally posted by Wingless Flyer

OMG There is life in SG without MS :eek: ;)

I can't believe you just said that :eek:
Nah just kidding...I did kinda miss him but not as much as I thought.

I like Jonas and I loved the parts with him and Teal'c boxing that was funny as was the crossing of the fingers thing :D
Well, I gave it a fair try. I switched it on and got through the credits and the bit where S.G. -1 came back with a substitute, and I got to the bit with the weather channnels and the Threat-to-National-Security stuffing his face and reading Dr. Jackson's private diaries, and the oily smirk at Sam, and then she smiled at the TtNS - like she used to smile at Daniel and now seemed to have forgotten he ever existed...

And I switched off.

I really resent having to do that, given that 'Stargate S.G.-1' was my favourite programme, but-- Got a brain and feel obliged to use it.

No way would the US government and the Joint Chiefs employ, in a top secret team concerned with National Security, a guy who was stupid enough, dishonest enough and untrustworthy enough to bring dangerous sensitive material to a superior power of which he knows b*gg*r-all and which might use it against his own people at some time.

Not unless they were collectively and certifiably insane anyway.

This destroys my abilty to suspend my disbelief which is the sine qua non for watching sci-fi. Had TPTB written Quinn as the stores clerk, the commissary chef or the guy who unblocks the drains, he would have been more plausible. :rolleyes:

Husband was out at night school until part way through part 2 of 'Redemption'. His comment about Quinn was that, "It's totally incredible that he should be a member of S.G.-1." He watched it for about ten minutes (I was reading fan fic.) then switched over to 'They Think It's All Over' which at least has the merit of being hysterically funny. :D

Best wishes,
Hatshepsut - the unimpressed :wave:

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