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Originally posted by Rowan
My problem? Jonas makes the statement that he's basically an anthropologist/archeologist type in "Meridian".
He's a politician who previously worked for a politician who wants to set off a weapon that equates to 100,000 nuclear warheads. :dead:
Sounds like a blast.........not.

I am just raising myself from the dead sleep of the overworked and underpaid and every list I come to either has these comments or something like them.....or panic stricken folk looking for a download.

Anubis looks like a large penis? Hmmm......wasn't there a fanfic on Heliopolis that had SG! bringing back a six foot penis through the gate? Or something very much like it! Perhaps BW has been cathcing up on the fanfic during the show hiatus!

As to the download thing......I belong to a couple of lists and there are sporadic and cyptic postings from people saying mysterious things like "I am in the middle of the download right now!", presumably just to titillate those on the list who are desperate to see Redemption. However when pressed, the post of mysterious postings gives a download site which doesn't have the episode up yet!

God.....there's one born every minute.....and nowhere are they more numerous than amongst the gullible online Stargate fandom.

I think I'll wait to view this episode. It sounds full of the things that turn me off.....like S & J moments.....or even Anubis is a penis!

:eek: :evil: :rolleyes: :D

Anubis has a certain 'overt' Darth Vader quality, not counting the rather 'anatomical' appearance. ;)

Re: For me ...

Originally posted by Rowan
My problem?

Jonas makes the statement that he's basically an anthropologist/archeologist type in "Meridian".

So, I might go with him making sense out of Daniel's textx, but - reading Sam's high end math/physicis and finding a flaw in the naquadria design after only a few hours?

Nope. Just can't go with that.

So you're coming around to my way of thinking?

Being a science-fiction fan requires that one suspends one's disbelief for the sake of the story - the journey... And one does that willingly, gladly.

It is therefore incumbent on the writers to place the minimum strain on that goodwill.

We accept the Stargate and wormhole technology. It goes with the territory. However, creating a character with flaws that would automatically bar him utterly from being in the team, and giving him the magical ability to be able to understand anything he reads goes wa-ay beyond the line.

This is fantasy, not science fiction. We've already got the Lord of the Nazgul in Anubis. What's next, Frodo Baggins? Legolas? :rolleyes: Now I'm sure he would up the ratings! :D

Best wishes,
Hatshepsut :wave:
Okay.....I did download the episode even though I HATE watching in squintyvision.

Firstly.....I agree with Jack.......who the f*%&$k talks like that? I find it hard to believe that given everything the Goa'uld know about the Tau'ri, that they would still insist on talking as though we were all primitives and would be impressed by statements like: "Prepare to meet your doom!"

Oh puh.....leeeeease! You know? Anubis would have had far more impact had he stood there and calmly said "Look humans.....you've had a good little run for your money, but now it's time to call a halt to it. There's nothing you can do to stop me, so just give it up."

As for the penis bit......well, he did look like a penis when he was just standing there, until he raised his arms, then he looked like a penis with arms. More than that though......and I reckon Rowan will probably agree with me here......he actually looked a lot more like a middle eastern female dressed in a burkha and veils. We used to nickname them 'Guiness Bottles' when we were there during the Gulf War, but that might have been just a British squaddie thing. The thing is that we all know that those pesky humans are going to figure a way out of all this because the ensuing episode spoilers indicate it. If Anubis gets killed in the second part then this will also show that the producers and writers really do think that fans are gullible and dumb, because there's no way that guy would be where anyone could get him.

The scenes between Teal'c and boy.....were okay but the boy irritated the life out of me. And I'm not sure why really. CJ actually got to do some acting......way to go Teal'c!

Jonas....well, I found myself not minding the character at all. Okay, so he isn't Daniel, but then he doesn't pretend to be. I thought his great intelligence suspended disbelief a little, but his efforts to be accepted were feasible.

I think Sam looks tired and fed up. She needs to go and find a handsome, powerful System Lord, sink into his arms and get lots of sex. Maybe that will be the season closer. Anubis isn't a huge penis after all.....he turns into a handsome guy WITH a huge er.......you know what... and he carries Sam off to be his beloved. Although that ain't gonna happen unless she does something with her hair! Her hair looked as though she was constantly dragging her hands through it.

Jack....was...well....very much like my view of him....ruffled, confused, cynical, boyish and dumb all at the same time. Someone said there were S & J moments? Um....I think I missed them.

Ah well.....it was very much as I imagined it would be. We now have to wait and see if earth is destroyed (not!). Sam will pull some sort of idea out of her butt.....or she'll pull it out of McKay's butt.....or even Jonas' butt. More likely the latter and then Jack will accept him as a bone fide member of SG1 (I can hear Jobeth and Hat spluttering furiously even now, when they read this Hee hee! :evil: :evil:

Actually no, Anni. :) The way you tell it, it all sounds rather anodyne <yawn>

As for the 'prepare to meet your doom' bit - which doesn't surprise me in the least - it just vindicates my comments about Stargate heading for D.C. Comics territory :rolleyes:

As for the animated 'spin-off' series, I suspect that 'Stargate S.G. -1' will move ever closer to it and the season finale will actually segue from live action to animation so you won't notice the join...

Just like nobody noticed Daniel metamorphosing into Quinn. :blah:

Best wishes,
Hatshepsut :wave:

P.S. Is Sam still wearing immaculate maquillage? Anni, How many soldiers check their mascara before going into battle? Woad, I could understand!

P.P.S. Doesn't anybody know who wrote this episode?
Hatshepsut wrote:

P.S. Is Sam still wearing immaculate maquillage? Anni, How many soldiers check their mascara before going into battle? Woad, I could understand!

Oh yes......her make up is immaculate, perfect mascara, just enough tint of eyeshadow to make her eyes stand out just right, a peachy glow on the perfect smooth and flawless cheeks and as for that pink lipstick......it doesn't EVER get smeared. I want to get myself some lipstick like that.

I never checked my mascara because as an active service soldier I didn't have time for such nonsense. When you face some guy who's going to shoot you, the last thing on yours or his mind is the peachy perfect flawlessness of your appearance!

And even give that Sam was in the HQ, and sitting there in her lab aching over the solution to the problem I would have expected as some stage that she would rub her eyes and end up looking like a panda like the rest of us mortals.

Shame on you Hat.....Super Sam looking mortal or human? Nah.....not in this lifetime.

I don't think we'll ever get Sam looking human like the rest of us. Even in real life she is a sanitary looking as she is on film. I can't imagine getting down to a good and basic bout of rolling in the hay with some guy, not even her husband, not even with all the nudge nudge wink wink comments she gives at the conventions.

:rolleyes: :D
just watched on squinty vision
things i liked about this ep-
- they've gone through 9 people in 3 months trying to replace daniel. loved jack's comment "next!" as he limped down the ramp in the opening sequence.
- i thought the intro of jonas was handled quite realistically. when he asks sam why he can't get a try out with sg1 sam says "i understand that you want to join sg1 but i just don't see it happening." then in the boxing scene jonas says "colonel o'neill won't even talk to me - he blames me for what happened to dr. jackson". the photographic memory thing didn't really bother me - it's a conveniant way to bring a new cast member up to speed in just a few eps. all in all i liked him much better than i did in meridian.
-LOTS of teal'c -woohoo! CJ did a great job in the scenes with ryac and bratac. he also had a nice scene with jack. loved the "he's an alien" line.
- i thought the script did a good job of using dialogue to bring new viewers up to speed with past events.
- graham simmons is back and looking all grown up now (not such a babyface anymore)
- we got a brief glimpse of sparky (sgt. siler)
- the scene with the russian colonel was quite amusing but i especially liked that they at least gave a nod to military decorum. after chekov leaves jack says "i meant no disrespect to you sir" and hammond replies "i should have reprimanded you in front of the colonel...".
- mckay from 48 hours was back. he was annoying as usual but i liked that they actually let him be right and sam be wrong about the X-303. liked his line "so i guess i'll just go grab a coffee and a donut and wait for the big bang"
-hammy was front and center and in fine form the entire ep. i LOVE him!
things i didn't like about this ep -
-the flight suits - who designed those?
- no dr.frasier (maybe next week?)
that's about all i can think of at the moment. i'm looking forward to part 2.
Well, I can understand Sam wearing make-up for special events like visits to Washington. Likewise, I don't have a problem with Amanda Tapping 'putting on a face' to meet the fans.

However, it does rather surprise me that, as a 'female actor', she puts up with being clarted up with the stuff for everyday life at S.G.C. I would have expected her to insist on the same amount of make-up that R.D.A. and M.S. have/had.

No, don't even mention Teal'c... ;)

Best wishes,
Hatshepsut - who was also a tomboy in her youth and still can't be bothered with make-up... :wave:
that's the bad thing about being 'the girl' on the show...she almost always looks good. I seem to recall AT saying interview after interview that she likes it when she gets to get dirty and not be all made up. But...that's just the way it is.

anyone else have a problem with teh women jaffa all of a sudden having symbiotes? yes, they've never explicitly said they don't but given the general jaffa attitude towards women and teal'c's comment that 'out symbiotes are only as strong as the jaffa that carries them' it would imply that it's the guys that have the snakes in the family.
there's also the simple fact of the female biology and how having a symbiote has to muck up your biology. junior obviously retards tea'c's ageing, also it is his immune system. Now it apparenly has no effects on his fertility given ryac's existance. but male biology is different than female. for a female to be fertile she has to ripen and release an egg every month. It would seem that having a primta would interfere with that.

I know we've seen shonac and the priestess in COTG having snakes, but they were priestesses not your run of the mill jaffa woman.

It also brings a definite time limit to the jaff a rebellion...they have less than 10 years to gain thier freedom from the goauld...or they're dead.
Yes indeed, I have a problem with this, but thought that it was just another example of the writers failing to go through the story arcs when they are wanting to continue a thread. They obviously think that they have good recall about things written before, but in my novel, if I want to suddenly reintroduce in chapter 53 an arc dealt with in chapter 4, I have to go back and retrace what I said before so as not to spoil anything.

I know they're are limited to time, but surely they would have the time to do that at least.

I thought it was just that the female priestesses had a symbiote and that perhaps they carried the important ones, like the queen. It was a Jaffa priestess or the like who carried Ammonet before Sha're was chosen as her host. I didn't think that Drey'auc had one....otherwise surely, when her son was dying for want of a symbiote she would have gladly given hers up for her son? I know, as a mother and grandmother, that I would gladly make such a sacrifice for them to live, even if it meant my death.

Interesting question Sky and one worthy of discussion!

Hi people - I live in the UK and therefore will not see this ep. 4 some time so can sum1 please give me details of this s/j ship stuff please? I know most of the posts about it are about HATING it but could sum1 please explain the 'character description thing' 2 me please! OOOh and Doc. McKay is back it seems, annoying and funny as ever! Has ne1 kicked his ass yet coz that would b fun! And did ne1 in the room respond 2 the 'still sexy as ever' comment coz it would strike me as a little odd if they didn't!
Yes Mckay is back, that guy totally will get in my nerves.:lol: But I love the interaction between Sam and him. Also enjoy Jack as usual, love the scene with Chekov and Hammond. And Teal'c story was great. As for Jonas, I really enjoy his performance in this episode. And his boxing with Teal'c. :lol: Looking forward to see more on everything.

Krystal :D
Well, after waiting 2 and a half hours for it to download, here's my 2 cents worth.

I loved this p, I was on the edge of my seat the entire time. It was fantastic. It had everything.

My verdict on Jonas so far is that I like him. He was much better than he was in Meridian. He was happy and not boreing. I think he's going to make a great addition to the team.

I think I let out a little squel of excitement when I saw Graham Simmons pop up on the screen. What a treat to see him back in the control chair.

McKay was also a nice surprise. I love this guy. He brings out another side of Sam. Brat'ac is always a pleasure to see. Checov was good too.

The X-302 was soooo cool. I want one! :D

Still wondering what is with the funky weird face that Anubis has. I wodner when this will be explained.

The direction and the writing was brilliant (Hail RCC and MW).

The thing that I enjoyed most about this episode was that it had a nice spread of ALL the characters. It didn't focus on just one. We saw ample time of Jack, Sam, Teal'c and Jonas.

Is that the same actor playing Rya'c? It was hard to tell on the d/led version. he was wonderful. I especially loved the scene where him and Teal'c were sitting on the steps of the Stargate at night. it was so sweet.

I think that's about it from me. I cna't wait till Part Two.
it is the same actor that played ryac

graham simmons is back

no one responded to the 'still as sexy as ever' comment

what can/could be interpreted as ship is at the end...jack walks by and sam's in her lab. he asks why she's not down with the other egg heads trying to come up with a solution...not that she's an egg...heac...well she is. (foot in mouth disease here)

she says she couldn't think down there, they kept looking to her for the answers

he says she has this habit of pulling brilliant ideas out of her butt....head. (more foot in mouth disease) she says not this time
he asks if he detects a note of fear in her voice, she says yes. she can't think up a way to stop it. she asks if he has any ideas seeing as he has a way of finding simple solutions (touche here).
he says he's gonna go eat some cake. she says she'll join him

the klaxons go off, they run to the gateroom. it's a projection of anubis telling them they're all gonna die (and i do agree with jack, anubis' speech came directly from 'bad guy pontificating...cliches are us)

fade to black.

how much is ship...depends on how much you project.

as to dreyac and her snake. that's my biggest nit anni, if my child was dying and i had a snake that could save his life...out it comes.

if she was gonna die, she could have simply died of some dieease not because her snake grew up.

and what happens to those symbiotes anyway?? they are a source of intelligence. they know all their fathers knew as of 7 years ago or so

Yep, Jack and Sam exchanged a couple of comments in Sam's lab and Jack, as he's want to do, but his foot in it, but hey ... nothing new there. And the faulted S/J 'ship-in-a-ship'? No... just two Air Force officers in a plane. Pretty calm, on the whole. I suppose, if you pushed, you could have found some in the lab scene. And being a writer, I can read a lot into a scene if need be, so I guess I could read ship into the lab portion. Just nothing near as overt as folks see/saw in 'D&C' or the forcefield scene in the Goa'uld ship.

Anubis: We called them "BMO's", Anni [Black Moving Objects], but I can certainly go with 'Guiness Bottles' :D Yep, I just didn't find him/her/it scary at all. I agree with Jack: "Oh, pleease!". Ya know, they could have saved a chunk on the SFX budget with him, I'm sure. Often times providing too much info is not as scary and just a hint.

Make-up: In BDU's? Yeah... right. I can just see the 'Big Mean Master Sergeant' in mascara. {MSG in the Army is E-8, not E-7 like the Air Force} I wore light makeup [shadow, light lipstick and mascara] in Greens, if I had to and that was it. The idea of makeup in BDU's or hospital whites = dumb. At least for me. JMHO-YMMV.

Symbiote: It was never said before if Dray'ac carried one, but, as mentioned, I would have thought if she had one she would have offered it to Rya'c back when he needed one. That seemed 'way out of canon.

Also: I thought Dry'ac and Ray'c lived in The Land of Light. {Unless I'm getting canon and fannon mixed here] and it sure didn't look like it to me. Way too much continuity confusion here.

I understand, as a writer, the usefullness of putting Jonas in Daniel's office, but: couldn't they have cleared it out first? If they had to show a transition, they could have shown boxes of his stuff, etc. It was 'way too uncomfortable for me to see him sitting at Daniel's desk, reading Daniel's notes, etc - it was like looking at a tresspasser. I honestly feel that thay entire placement scene could have been written differently without providing the feel of an 'interloper'. Again, IMHO-YMMV.

And Hat: it's never really been 'coming around to your way of thinking'. I've been trying to be as nutral as I could about this and giving them the chance just to see what would happen. I really do have my own opinions - I just often keep them kinda quite here. But, I think, the URL's at the bottom of my sig do express a bunch of my feelings. ;)

All in all: I hope they can pull a rabbit out of their hat. Or, as Jack was telling Sam: pull a plan outt of their butt, becasue, right now? it's not doing a lot for me. I'm hanging on to see 'Abyss' and any other possible DJ episodes that may be coming down the pike.

Originally posted by lene morissette
I know most of the posts about it are about HATING it but could sum1 please explain the 'character description thing' 2 me please!
I think this was my comment. And it's just a how not to do writing observation. I had issue with Sam and Jack esencially explaining to the audience the personality of the other character sort of "out loud." I'm having this reaction on the "show, don't tell" advice I was given about writing. I just felt that part just stood out. On the other side, I did like the business between them in the prefilght checklist. Which scene gives the viewer a better feel for how these characters react to one another? I guess they both do, and both scenes moved the plot somewhere, but the cockpit exchange was much more entertaining.

(I'm starting to wonder if the scene I find jarring was a scene to get the SciFi Stargate Newbies up to speed in one shot. I guess it had to be done and someone already used to them would be confused by a recap.)

Sam's hair: in one breath she's Super Sam and the next you're decrying her hair looking like she'd been sitting at her laptop all night working the creeping power problem and puling her hair out.

On symbiotes: I'm still going with the Jaffa's sex influencing the biology of the young symbiote and making indescriminate transfer to another Jaffa like mixing blood types in humans. Potentially deadly. And for women it's a post-childbirth age choice. It also gives women the option to live as long as the guys.

Jonas in Daniel's office: vital for the long, soft pause Sam had when entering the office. "Danny's gone, Danny's gone"

The flight suit: Okay, high-G suits are ugly, but if there's momentium dampers in gliders, do you need suits like that? Or were they bio-metric? Just wired with sensors for pulse and temperature, etc. like the old astronauts suits were.

Well ... I'd have to say that it does settle wether Jack can fly. Now, I will still back my stance that he probably didn't 'do time' as a 'hot pipe jock' [assigned as a fighter pilot to a fighter wing], the time frames they give for Spec Ops, etc just don't hold, but I will have to concede he certainly learned to shift a stick somewhere. I know a couple of folks who learned jet flight from an Air Force approved on base flight club, so that might be it. I have to admit, Cyn, that this puts a spin on things. I just wish I could get the times [school - assignments, etc] to mesh.

As for what they were wearing - those were the undergarments for a g-suit - the 'NOMEX undies'. The issue G-suit is OD green and has a set of OD coveralls that goes over it with a lot of pockets and velcro for things like your pre-flight checklist [usually on the right leg].

My guess is they were being worn for the biometrics as the 'undies can be wired for this.

Oh Cyn, I was bloody kidding about her hair....it was all part of my cunning plan to get Sam to open her bloody legs and join the rest of the human race. Don't be so tetchy! :D

She isn't SuperSam as far as I am concerned. This is the way they try to portray her, but to tell the truth, she's one of the worst examples of soldiering I could find.

Does the US military not adhere to normal safety precautions with weapons?

In the British military we are taught NEVER to hand over an uncleared weapon to another person. You clear it first, let the other person see that it's clear and then hand it to them.

When our little super soldier Sam finished talking to Hammond, she wandered off the ramp and literally handed an uncleared weapon to the poor little gateguy, whatever his name is. I am assuming that given the fact they were chased off the planet they were on, her weapon would have been cocked and ready to fire....possibly was even fired. That is patently unprofessional. Of course.....maybe the US military don't have such stringent regulations. I must admit that in all the times I served alongside them, I never once saw one do a proper handover of weapons.

As a major she should know better than to sling a possibly recently fired weapon at another soldier.

Another one..... when Jack and Teal'c left the commissary prior to Bra'tac's arrival, Jack was going through confidential personnel files. He just....left them there on the table and toddled out to see what was going on. Also unprofessional. People's personal information shouldn't be left there for anyone to see. Is this an example of 'overwhelming coolness' versus professional behaviour?


You probably will call it nitpicking....but since everyone else indulges in it to a helluva degree, I'm just joining the club!

Sam isn't cool....she's boring..... and every time she opens her mouth on screen my eyes glaze over. At least Jack is relatively amusing in his dumbness. To tell the truth, I think that Chris Judge knocked the socks off everyone for acting in the episode, closely followed by Don Davis, Tony Amendola, the Russian officer and Jonas Quinn, who was definitely doing better than the others in my view. Even goold old Dr McKay who might not be a nice character was very good.....and quite funny. I thought Sam's reaction when he said he was there to help was unprofessional and unnecessary.

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