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Miss Tully

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Jun 4, 2002

As you will probably be aware already, FOX has officially cancelled Dark Angel after only 2 series.

There are many fans of the show currently emailling, writing letters and signing petitions directed to FOX to renew the show for at least one further season or to produce a TV film to finish off the story.

The below petition at the time of writing this email, currently stands at 18,684 and is increasing each day.

Please take a few seconds to sign this petition, every signature helps:)
While I would love dark angel to come back, I don't think fox will listen :(

Was'nt something like this done to save futurama once?
Not to mention Dr. Daniel Jackson. <sigh>

No, I don't think the blighters will take any notice - not unless the message is written on the side of a tactical nuclear missal - er - missile :mad:

Going to sign the petition anyway though :)

Best wishes,
Hatshepsut :wave:
DA was originally going to be renenwed, but at the last minuet fox pulled it, .... they might just need a little enocuragement
well i'm all for encouragement, so will go sign it.

But i don't think the PTB listen to us mere mortals.

BTW: Is that link working?
I'll sign on too. Hey, it worked for Roswell after they cancelled the show after Season 1. Fans wrote letters and sent tobasco sauce bottles, etc. Besides signing the petition and e-mails, what could we actaully send to FOX? Any ideas?
There are some people that are cutting off the barcodes of the products they use and sending them in aswell.
I love this show, jessica alba is a real hottie, i own it on dvd, but i will love to see the show returning to the tv some time.