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Fire and Brimstone
May 30, 2002
When Sam, Daniel and the Russian woman went through the gate in a submarine, they intended to deactivate the robot thing (sorry, can't remember what its called). This would shut of the gate. But how were they then going to get home? Maybe there was a DHD, which the little water dudes used to send Sam, etc home. But how were they going to activate the DHD from the inside of a submarine?

p.s. if there is a really simple explanation and i'm just being stupid, sorry! :flash:
I had a problem with that the first time I saw it, so the second time around I listened out for it.

They did mention that there was a D.H.D. on the watery side which they'd used to return on a previous mission.

Husband pointed out that mini-subs designed for deep sea work have robotic arms, so I guess that's how they operated the D.H.D. from that side.

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Or ...

Or the little 'watery dudes' activated the DHD.

Well, yes, when S.G.-1 came back, seeing as they arrived minus sub, but presumably the Russians used robot arms from the mini-sub on their earlier mission as they didn't mention not coming back in it.

I hope that makes some sort of sense...? :erm:

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