What's the newest episode that has aired right now?


Apr 28, 2002
I don't get Showtime.
The newest episode I have seen is 'Summit'
but I realize a lot of people have seen that long ago.

So how far is Stargate on Showtime??
As I understand the schedules, the week of May 17, 2002 ep #522 called Revelations was aired. The last new ep Showtime had rights to. For the final weeks that Showtime has rights to the series, it appears that the network is re-running Proving Ground and 48 Hours. Eps on the SciFi channel start June 6 with part one of a two parter starting off Season 6.

My schedule page
but how do you know the ep #???

Is there an official listing of all the SG-1 eps there ever was??
The "Official" Stargate site has a nice set of episode lists, but they have not gotten to season five.

I'd say go to http://www.sg1archive.net/ and poke around. They have the best "unofficial" episode listing. But, the site is down again. Oh woe, oh sad.

Next place I'd go is http://www.gateworld.net

The ep number would be episode #22 for Revelations. In in the number I gave in the above post (#522) the "5": is for Season Five and the "22" is for ep twenty-two. There's only 22 hours of episodes in a season. So 22 eps is all we get each year.
Then you're saying that Season 5 has already ended 2 days ago, on May 17th???

That means ep 522 has just aired and I'm only at ep 514!

Darn, I'll have to wait 8 more weeks for the season finale..
Last Ep

The last ep of S5, "Revalations" aired in the US/Canada last Friday, May 17. S6 is dur to start Jun 7, I believe.

Originally posted by CynVision
You said you didn't have Showtime, what network are you watching on? All countries have different schedules.
Well, I live in Montreal, Quebec, Canada
and I have a Bell ExpressVu satellite.
I watch Stargate SG-1 on 'non-famous channels' like NTV, Global, ITV/CICT, etc.
I guess I'm watching 'syndicated' Stargate SG-1...
Re: Last Ep

Originally posted by Rowan
The last ep of S5, "Revalations" aired in the US/Canada last Friday, May 17. S6 is dur to start Jun 7, I believe.

Opps. My bad. Two 6's sounded better in my head...

Maybe someone with the Canadian schedule can step in here and help out. My experience with the season 4 syndication is that the people releasing it to the stations are very sloppy and showing stuff out of order or showing episodes according to best original ratings for the episode, best rates first... ? The eps were never aired on the syndi station near me in the correct order even the first round through...

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