What was the last movie you saw?

lol yeah, everything to do with Monty Python is surreal! I might have to go see if i can rent it from somewhere, i have this urge to watch it now!

AoTC is awesome, i'm gonna go see it again after my exams finish in two weeks, i cant wait now!

Wow, I have never met anyone who didn't like The Terminator... Oh well, different strokes and that. Why didn't you like it?
just watched, AMERICAN PIE 2 oh my head, was that movie dumb or what? maybe it's a girl thing because my husband laughed his "younowhat" off... But i do think Allyson "willow" is so damned cute & i love watching her in things soo,that was okay.. I CAN'T WAIT 4 SCOOBY DO TO COME OUT!!!!!!!
did anyone see?

DUDE WHERE'S MY CAR that was pretty funny(made me want to go get ink)hee,hee
I LOVED BOTH AMERICAN PIES! Hahahaha, they are hilarious, especially number two with "the lesbians" and the kissing and those radios, hahahaha, lol, i must go rent it again! Dude Wheres My Car is quite funny as well, but its not hilarious like the American Pies :rolly2:

"The Dizzy One" :rolleyes:
Originally posted by Tabitha
Wow, I have never met anyone who didn't like The Terminator... Oh well, different strokes and that. Why didn't you like it?
Like I said, it was boring. And stupid.
Okkaaaayyyy. I kinda got that from your last post. I thought you might like to expand on your original answer.... Never mind. I thought that The Terminator was a very well made and fascinating scifi story, using my second fave scifi device - time travel! Arnie finally finds a role that allows him to act badly and for it to be convincing - everybody wins!

No movies for me tonight, just telly and now off to bed :wave:
Yesterday at work it was 'The Hunchback Of Notre Dame 2: Secret Of The Bell' & then 'Atlantis: The Lost Empire' afterwards :rolly2: , Hunchback was alright :errrr: , but Atlantis was F.A.B! :rolly2: :rolly2:
lol the last movie i whatched was on my new dvd player that i got for my bithday on the 3rd of june any way it was called

blade 2

and ter special efects were magnificent and the films got a bit of a twist in it and you just dont realise it untill they tell you it sorta thing

buks :D
i love horors :D
Originally posted by Diamond9697
hmm...last movie I watched was The Mummy Returns

not many ppl like The Mummy and The Mummy Returns but i thought they were way cool - i'm into all the Ancient Egyptian stuff :D

I have watched a few flicks this weekend. Just saw "The Sum of All Fears" - very enjoyable I might add. I was a big fan of all the previous Jack Ryan movies and had read all of the Tom Clancy series, but Affleck in the role actually exceeded my expectations.

Other than that I also watched Oceans 11 - lots of people have dissed this film, but I though it was great! Also watched Happy Gilmore and The French Connection. :)
i whatched a film caled fluke its about a man who dies befor his time and he is reborn as a dog and he goes in a serch for his family aaaaaawwww its so sad well its a good film

buks :D
last film i saw was ep 2, list of films i want to see is the time machine, spider-man and resident evil

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