What was the last movie you saw?

Originally posted by Sammy O'Neill
Epi II is awesome, and Yoda rocks!

Doesn't he just!!!!!

Went to see the film last night!
I'm not going to give anything away, so I'll just say it was WAY better than the Phantom Menace and the special fxs were V cool! :cool:

I still want to go see "Bend it like Beckham"
I forgot :blush: , last night at home it was 'Space Cowbys'.

My sister's planning on taking me to see 'Star Wars' :erm:, but I'm not too sure as I'm not really botherd if I see it or not.
Yesterday both at home & work it was 'Asterix & Obbelix Take On Ceasar'.
lol, even if you arent a Star Wars fan then its still worth going to see for the cool special FX and Hayden Christeson of course! Oh, but if ur male i suppose you could go see it for the Amidala chick :D

Star Wars epi 2 was the last movie I saw. The next one I want to see is Ice Age! :rolly2:
Last night it was 'The lion King'. :rolly2:

'Spiderman looks good from what I've seen of it on trailers, so I might go & see that at the cinema. :blush:
Just saw Star Wars in the theater. Awesome!!! Downloads don't do it justice.
Bay ---> Spider Man blew me away, it was great! Go and see it!

I went to see Changing Lanes last night. It was one of those movies where the trailer hypes it up to be something quite different than it actually turned out to be. I enjoyed it though. It was really a morality play and a look at how bad choices can really damn you...
Last movie: Hard Rain/The Flood 1997 USA .. yer everyday typical action-thing i happened to stumble on lol :D

KuuKiir :wave:
Might go see Spiderman when its released over here, but, i'm Arachnophobic so, yuck, but i really want to see it :( in a bit of a dilemma really!

you only really see actual spiders in the first few scenes.. they are a bit creepy in it though....

Go and see it anyway - it'll be worth it!
Just went to see Star Wars again....2-days in a row!!!
i'm looking forward to seeing it this weekend (I doubt I'll watch it twice though ;) )
Ok Tabitha, i probably will, i'll have to shut my eyes or something! AoTC is worth seeing twice! You really need to see it more than once to take it all in and there are always things that you miss the first time round! I've only seen it once but i want to see it again and again!

I guess I did go and see The Phantom Menace twice... SO I will probably end up seeing it more than once.

I had a quiet night in this evening, and watched "Forces of Nature" and "Legally Blonde".

LB was okay - kinda inoffensive, but nothing that special really. There is something very strange about Reese Witherspoon's chin that really distracts me :(
I liked Forces of Nature quite a lot though (mebbe I really am on a Ben Affleck kick!
Last night it was 'The Lion King 2: Simba's Pride'. :rolly2:

Thanks for that Tabitha, WILL now most derinitely go & see 'Spiderman' when it's on at the cinema where I am. :rolly2:
I totally agree about Reece's chin....it wierds me out. and point of clarification...I've AoTC 3 times.

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