What was the last movie you saw?

The Way West (1967) A Western film that depicts homesteaders being led to Oregon by Sen. William J. Tadlock (Kirk Douglas), a strict disciplinarian whose leadership reminds me of a certain character called Negan. So, everyone signs a document that puts them under his leadership, with no provision for going their own way. He says he needs everyone, and all have their roles to fill, etc., leaving is mutiny. But, by this time, they are long gone from the starting point, and only now is his style of leadership becoming dictatorial. So, along they go, meeting various challenges, etc.

Supporting cast includes Dick Summers (Robert Mitchum), Captain Lije Evans (Richard Widmark; nice to see him cast in a non-bad guy role), Rebecca Evans (Lola Albright? never heard of her before) Preacher Weatherby (Jack Elam; anybody remember the short-lived TV show Struck by Lightning?).

Occasionally, I find interesting Western movies, usually based on the actors in them.

As far as the genre goes, I think this is one of the better ones. 9/10
Operation Pacific (1961) The crew of a U.S. sub in WWII have their share of difficulties.

Lt. Cmdr. Duke E. Gifford (John Wayne) becomes the capt. when Cmdr. John T. "Pop" Perry (Ward Bond) is killed when accepting the surrender of an enemy ship that initially appears to be unarmed, but when the sub is very close, reveals weapons and attacks.

Supporting cast: the Talker (William Campbell anybody remember Trelane?), Mary Stuart (Patricia Neal), Lt. (j.g.) Bob Perry (Philip Carey), Ensign Caldwell (Martin Milner; anyone remember Adam12?).

A very dramatic film; 8/10.
Last Tango in Paris (1972) the other month, TCM was showing Marlon Brando films, & this, as a TCM premiere, was among them. I had heard it was very naughty, & could not resist watching it. it was not what I thought it would be, and did have a few scenes that were very naughty, but not in the way I thought; very little nudity.


I would have rather watched Zombie Lake!

No you wouldn't, trust me. I've seen it.

Tonight I rewatched Tobe Hooper's Spontaneous Combustion I'm not really an 1980's horror movie aficionado but this one is just so damn weird and over the top. It felt very Italian.
Pushover (1954) NOIR ALLEY. Muller's intro was very detailed, because this film was based on, not one, but two (2) novels, each contributing just the right amount of ideas. So, these cops are on a stakeout, peering through binoculars across the courtyard, into the window where a certain woman lives. This derives from Thomas Walsh's The Night Watch, and Muller talks about voyeurism & naughty boys! His opening includes references to Rear Window, & Witness to Murder, both of which include this element. Then, there is the second (2nd) novel, William Ballinger's Rafferty, which adds the part about the cop becoming in love with the object of the stakeout.

So, there are two cops in the apartment with the binoculars and the tape recorder, hooked-up to the bugged telephone. One down on the street, watching who comes and goes into the building. They rotate duties, and others take the other shifts. The one usually sitting in a car parked on the street, Paddy Dolan, has a drinking problem, is on the verge of retirement, is giving his associates headaches, worrying that he might take a few minutes off from the stakeout, and visit the bar, just down the street. If he does, he will lose his pension.

So, not only does the one cop, fall for the woman, but he decides to help himself to the crook's stolen loot, when he comes to visit his moll (woman). Guess who plays that cop, Paul Sheridan, who falls in love with that woman? Fred MacMurray; who was previously cast as Walter Neff, in 1944's Double Indemnity. Hmmm, a somewhat similar situation.

Anyway, I really enjoyed this film! It was 2 months ago, when I watched it, & was surprised that I did not already post something about it.

supporting cast: Kim Novak as Lona McLane, the subject of the surveillance, & her film debut?

STRONGROOM - 1962 - Excellent nail-biter heist film in which three robbers are interrupted in their carefully planned caper and forced to lock the bank manager and his secretary in the vault. The ringleader (Derrin Nesbitt) is concerned they will run out of air and give them a murder rap so he insists the brother of his accomplice go to call the police from a distant location (so they can make their getaway). But he gets killed, and the strongroom keys end up in the morgue--and the remaining robbers have to retrieve them so they can open the vault. Meanwhile, the manager and secretary try different ways to break through or get an air supply.
The ending bothered me at first--but it actually does fit the theme of the story (taking things for granted). The filmmakers set things up for a certain conclusion between characters and then yank it away. Nevertheless, it would make a good companion film to CASH ON DEMAND since it has a similar premise but takes a different route. Recommended.
Last Tango in Paris (1972) the other month, TCM was showing Marlon Brando films, & this, as a TCM premiere, was among them. I had heard it was very naughty, & could not resist watching it. it was not what I thought it would be, and did have a few scenes that were very naughty, but not in the way I thought; very little nudity.
o_O o_O This was X-rated in 1972 and that rating was well deserved :)oops: and yes I saw it. Embarrassing but true) and I can't imagine that the theater version was shown even on cable. But I agree with @Jeffbert that it was not worth viewing on any level.
Good Boy (2022): A bizarre and disturbing Norwegian film about a woman who meets a yuppie living with a person dressed as a dog pretending to be his pet. The man is rich, so the woman keeps visiting him. However, the "dog" soon confides something to her...A bit macabre for my taste (reminded me of Tusk), but not terrible.
The movie is really weird, the plot is very unconventional, I've never seen anything like it.
Mighty Aphrodite. 1995. Woody Allen movie in which Allen plays an adoptive father who is so surprised by his bright, charismatic son that he tries to find the birth mother. When he finds her she's not in a good place in life, so he befriends her and tries to help her, both for the sake of his son and for her: his bonding with the mom happens at the same time his wife is becoming preoccupied by her career and another potential beau. Wonderful use of the Greek chorus idea. Easily my favorite Woody Allen movie to date.
Exorcist: Believer

What an awful movie. It feels like all the effort went into getting two of the original actors back in the franchise, but with no real idea how to omplement a decent story.

The original movie was tense right from the opening, with a chilling audio score. This is just a modern jump-shock gore fest - when it eventually gets going.
Get Yourself a College Girl (1964) At the stuffy, old-fashioned Wyndham College for Girls, rock & roll is considered disgusting, etc., & any girl caught, is to be expelled. But, one girl is a R&R singer! They must never learn of this shameful fact.

Light on plot, the music dominates. About 6 groups, only two of which I am familiar, & I listen to oldies.

Youth Aflame AKA Hoodlum Girls (1944)

Tame exploitation cheapie. Two teenage sisters. Bad sister drinks and goes out with a no-good guy who, shockingly, gives her a slip as a present. He also gets her to steal her father's gun. (Dad is a bank guard. No, there's no bank robbery.) Friendly policewoman helps the good kids start a "jive club" (no booze) which is apparently very near a nightclub (with booze.) No-good guy spikes the kids' punch with gin, the cops raid the place. (This happens offscreen.) This causes one good girl to be whipped by her mother (offscreen) so the friendly policewoman has to find her a new home. Meanwhile, no-good guy tries to rob somebody with the gun (offscreen.) It all leads up to our semi-tragic ending.

Less than an hour long, but half the running time, more or less, is used up with various nightclub acts. These are more interesting than the plot, since the camera always avoids showing anything dramatic. Bad but amusing.
The Night Visitor (1971)

What if Ingmar Bergman made a slasher? It might be something like this tense thriller, and not only because Max von Sydow and Liv Ullman are in it. There's also a certain quietly tense mood to it that seems like Bergman.

It's best not to know too much about the plot. Suffice to say that von Sydow is first seen outside an imposing stone building (quite obviously a prison of some sort) wearing only T-shirt, shorts, shoes, and socks, despite this being the dead of winter. (This is a very cold film, both literally and metaphorically.) He sneaks into a house, switches the stuff in a doctor's bag with some neckties, and strangles a woman. Not much later he bludgeons another woman. The evidence he leaves behind implicates another man.

It takes a while to get the back story, but it's probably not giving too much away to say that von Sydow isn't just an insane killer; there's method to his madness. Add in a talking parrot that is a vital part of the plot, and you have an intriguing chiller. Well worth a look.
What the Peeper Saw (La tua presenza nuda! "Your naked presence!", 1972)

Slow-burning psychological shocker. Britt Ekland is the new, much younger wife of a fellow (Hardy Kruger) whose first wife died of a heart attack -- or was it murder?

Mark Lester is the man's preteen son. Things start to get uncomfortable when Ekland suspects Lester of stealing money. Then she finds out he got kicked out of school for torturing and killing a cat. In the most eyebrow-lifting scene, and the one that gives the film its original title, she strips naked in front of him in exchange for the truth about his mother's death. He admits he killed her.

The family dog turns up dead. When Ekland talks to an unsympathetic psychiatrist (Lilli Palmer), she's the one who winds up in a psychiatric hospital. Hallucinatory scenes follow. It all leads up to our Shocking Twist Ending, literally in the last few seconds of the film (not counting the end titles.)

Often feels like a domestic drama mixed with a giallo. Worth a look.
Beach Red (1967) The title refers to the designation for the site of an army landing on a Pacific island during WWII. This is a very intense combat film, featuring the visualizations of thoughts and memories of soldiers on both sides. One man remembers his wife and children, another his girlfriend, while one other has fantasies of receiving military decorations for heroism, etc.

Captain MacDonald (Cornel Wilde) commands a unit of American soldiers, among them, Gunnery Sergeant Honeywell (Rip Torn; is this his birth name? :giggle:); those are the only names familiar to me. The film begins when the soldiers have yet to enter the landing craft, and takes them to the conquest of the island.

Very intense, & never heard of it until this year.

It has a really tragic/touching scene just before the end, when soldiers from both sides are wounded, and the American tosses his canteen to the Japanese guy, who is just about to toss his cigarettes to the American, when other Americans arrive, and in haste assume he is attacking, shoot him dead. :cry:
Hmm. Wiki page says it inspired certain elements in Private Ryan.

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Northern Pursuit (1943) WWII in Canada, RCMP Corporal Steve Wagner (Errol Flynn) while out on patrol, encounters Germans. Arresting them, they learn of his name, and attempt to convert him to their side. Arriving via U-boat, Colonel Hugo von Keller (Helmut Dantine) leads a group of saboteurs, who intend to assemble a bomber that had been hidden in Canada before the war began (reminds me of Five Graves to Cairo, which also featured this plot element), and bomb a strategic target in North America.

After some action, Wagner is suspected of going over to the enemy, and even his fiancée Laura McBain (Julie Bishop) loses faith in him.

a so-so film, but being a Flynn fan, I watched it to the end.
Along the Great Divide (1951) Marshal Len Merrick (Kirk Douglas) comes along just in time to save "Pop" Keith (Walter Brennan) from a lynch mob. Accused of murdering a rancher's son. The rancher, Ned Roden (Morris Ankrum) and younger son Dan Roden (James Anderson) are not simply going to allow the Marshall to take the accused man to the town where the judge is, they relentlessly pursue him and attack his entire group. Keith's daughter, Ann (Virginia Mayo) complicates matters, by coming along.

Not the typical gun fighter Western. Rather, the pursuit makes the tension. The ending was worth it!

Well worth watching, 8/10.

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