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Jun 6, 2001
Thanx to ana for this info, she says that she read in PARADE Magazine that MTW has signed on for another Pretender movie.

Let's all hope and pray that it comes to fruition!

I'd suggest keeping an eye at Operation - Save the Pretender for further information. This site seems to be quite up-to-date most of the time and will probably have details as soon as they are available.

Also, TNT's website TNT Pretender should have some information in the coming weeks.

So, keep those eyes peeled! And relay anything you hear!


h2, I wanted to post it here.

Knew I shoulda posted it BEFORE telling you, lol.

Actually - you had plenty of time -- I spent about 45 minutes searching for more info before I came here -

But, I'm really fast! And I'm trying to get more ppl over here! ;)
Maybe Parade has the info on their site. Wherever it is. I would like to read it for myself. So would other people I think.

yeah- I looked there a while back and didn't see anything - I'll check again (and I'll remember to post the link this time) - if I find anything ---
This actually may have been about the 2nd movie that TNT did produce, but I can't tell from what was posted and the Operation-STP site's gone now. However - I doubt there's any more coming in this realm any time soon.
That's too bad. I found the series more interesting at the end. I really wanted to know what was inside those scrolls.
I think the biggest problem was that NBC abruptly cancelled the show and the creators had a lot more they wanted to do with it, but couldn't. The movies were their way of trying to close up some of the storylines, but I don't know if the movies got quite the reception they were hoping for (they really weren't as good as the series episodes), so there were just the two.

If the PTB had shopped the show out to another network (like USA, since TNT doesn't do original programming), they might have fared better. Of course, I think NBC realized how stupid a move they'd made when they canned their entire Saturday-night line-up for the lamest not-a-sport event in history. Honestly - watching grass grow would be more fun.

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