Hi, I'm a First Wave Newbie in need of some explanations...


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Jun 13, 2001
Hi folks

I have only ever watched First Wave a few times, I don't know why I never picked it up to watch more often, because I always liked what I saw when I did catch it... I know the show has been cancelled, and I was hoping that there might be one or two die hard fans that might eb able to answer some of my questions, and (please!) give me a basic synopsis of what it was all about.
Why was the show cancelled, exactly?
Does anyone know whether it will be coming out on DVD - it seems like it might be good for watching time and again.
What on earth has happened to Sebastian Spence since the end of the show? He was a bit of a babe, and his acting wasn't bad... I did spot him on one ep of Dark Angel last year...


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Dec 30, 2000
Well Tabitha, as for why it was cancelled, good question. It was a great series with a lot of potencial. Sadly it get caught in the Scifi cancellation rampage of good series, only scifi knows why. Poor ratings or whatever reason they want, but the true is it was excellent and have a fan base maybe not like X-Files or Stargate or others but a good fan base. As for the DVD I really don't know but will be a great idea. As for Sebastian I suppose we will have to be in the lookout of new projets for him, he definitely is a good actor and very good looking. :blush: To know more about Sebastian I recommend his official site at http://www.officialsebastianspence.com/ or the following forum site, here you could see whats he up to. The url is
or you could also check this other great site http://sspence.crosswinds.net/ .

Hope this help

Krystal :rain:


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Aug 21, 2000
Roger Cross AKA Jochua recently appeared in an episode of Andromeda. I can't recall it name right now. but it is in the early part of the second season.

as for the show being canceled. I think it has been talked to death in this form.


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