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since pamie has not come back, try this one....

Yeah sorry about that...back now! I will get here more often! :D
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your right!! your turn leap :D

and welcome to the smallville forum :wave:

PAMIE Welcome Back :rolly2:
Originally posted by DarkCity545

PAMIE Welcome Back :rolly2:

Hey there, thanks for the welcome.

Oh and I have no idea what the answer is to that question! :rolleyes:
y'all give in ?!
It was his arm !!!!!!!!!!!!!
ok try this one: What instrument does michael rosenbaum play?
acoustic and electric guitar! :cool:

okay try this one....

What 2 animated caracters has michale rosenbaum lent his voice to?
Agent West in 'The Zeta Project'
Wally West/The Flash in 'Justice League'

ok easy one for ya - When is Kristin Kreuks birthday ?
December 30, 1982 is her birthday!

In what Superman moive did Annette O'Toole play in and what was her character?
Okay then :D

Lets try to do this with out spoilers for the UK fans! They have just started the 2nd season!

What is the zip code for Smallville?
Oh man... hold on while I conduct a meta-analysis @#$()*&^#*()&$. I'll get back to ya.
The zip code for Smallville is 67524. That is for Chase, KS in Rice County - Latitude 38.4, Longitude -98.4
silly me. I ask for another question and then don't come back and check for 6 months! :D

The answer to that is X-Ray in series 1.
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