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the meteor hit in 1989 and lana has said her parents were killed 12 years ago, she was 6 at the time, lex returned after 12 years age 21 he was nine at the time the meteors hit and whitney joined the military you have to be 18 to do that so i would guess clark was 6 when he was found, so i guess he is 18 at the time of the prom.
Ok your more then likely right but how old was he is the very first episode of Smallville?
I still say 18, there was no birthday for him in the first season only lana's and her age is never really told.
Ok I was looking it up on one of the Smallville websites and it said in the first episode of Smallville he was 15???

But Im sure you are right Darkcity.....so your up! :D ;)
Originally posted by DarkCity545
i am not always right ;)

LOL I know I don't mean it in a horrible way its just you know your Smallville stuff better then I do.....:D
I know you were joking!!!

I still can't find anything on his age. I even watched the first few epis again and can't find a thing, so I was wrong and you get to go again....:D
It just so happens that the Kent's found the small child and immediately took him in. They named him Clark and raised him as their own son. Years later, Clark, now a 15 year old freshman in high school, is dealing with all the pressures that being teen can bring. He is also very aware of the strange powers and abilities that he is developing.

This is what I found on a website which is why I asked the question!

Ok I will go for this!

What starsign is Tom Welling?

Did he see that bus crash into Clark..??

Or was Clark stopping the bus....something along those lines! :D
since pamie has not come back, try this one....

we know from the first couple of shows that clark has super speed and strength, what other power does he discover?
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