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The Truth Is Out There
Nov 18, 2001
How about a quiz game? I will start it off and if your answer is correct, make up the next question. If you can't think of one I will put one in for you until you can come back with a question.

Question 1 Smallville (pilot epi).
Who takes Clark for a "hazing" prank?
well since no one wants to answer.....

it was Whitney

lets try another question..

What protects Clark from the effects of kryptonite?
isnt it som,e sort of injection thing? with anit-krytonite stuf? )ok long shot but pffffft_)
yeeeesssssssssss your right:cool:

next question.....

Where is Clark's spaceship hidden?
Since Maria is busy here is the next question...

What is the name of the field where Clark's spaceship crashed?
Well since no one wants to answer the question, lets try this one

What is Smallvilles claim to fame?

HINT: The answer can be found on the sign as you enter the city limits of Smallville
Oh I would love to play..but I don't seem to know the answers to any of the questions.
I didn't see the first ever episode of Smallville so those quetions I can't answer but I would love to play so please keep it going! :D
okay pamie try this one, i hope you saw this episode.

Epi Hothead...

Where did the coach lock Clark up when Clark confronted him?
Cool I knew I would get it right one day...LOL

Ok here goes!

What is the name of the girl who had a crush on Lex in the episode Shimmer?
ok, hmmmmm lets see....

Clark FIRSTED saved Lex from pulling him out of his car while it was under water. How does Clark save him a second time?
Was it when Clark pulled him up from the broken bridge at Lex's factory?

(sorry its just a guess) ;)
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