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Things that would never have happened in Endgame if Gregory Widen had been in charge

Discussion in 'Highlander Movies' started by Highlander II, Apr 25, 2002.

    Highlander II

    Highlander II There can be only one!! Staff Member

    Jun 6, 2001
    ...either him or the fans...

    *Connor would not have looked like death warmed over as he did - bad move on the PTB and make-up dept's parts - hell-o! Immortal means - don't look older than you did when you 'died' the first time! (and Christopher doesn't look like that - did anyone see Beowulf? or Resurrection? He didn't look old in those!)

    *The Sanctuary would never have even been thought of as a plot device. That was the sorriest bunch of junk I've ever seen. And there is no way a character like Connor would be moved to such a depression that he wanted to cut himself off from the world. Just b/c Duncan did it, doesn't mean Connor would (oh, look, more recycled story-lines). Connor would have hunted Kell down and kicked his ass!

    *Recycled storylines - there wouldn't have been any, or they wouldn't have been so blatantly obvious. The episodes "Methos" and 'whatever one it is where Richie dies and Duncan runs away' were both snagged for this movie. Can we please get some originality here?

    *Connor and Duncan would never have fought each other. That just didn't make any sense. There was no reason for it, and Connor wouldn't have given up his life so Duncan could beat Kell. The Kurgan was much worse than Kell and Connor took him out, why would he have problems with Kell? Oh, right, that 'confirmed kills thing' - apparently the more immies you've killed the bigger a bad-ass you are and the harder it is to take you out - sorry, I don't really buy that either, b/c Connor took out the Kurgan, who I'm sure had his fair share of quickenings. That immie kills thing was a cop-out so they wouldn't have to REALLY explain why Duncan would need Connor's quickening to take Kell. Garbage!

    **Oh, and if the two DID happen to fight, Joe and Methos would have been RIGHT there to interfere and shoot the two idiots in the back, then drag them off and talk some sense into their stubborn Highland heads! Can we say really bad characterization?

    *Duncan would never kill Connor. 'nuff said.

    *Connor would 'clean up' his own mess with Kell! He's not the type who asks for help and accepts someone else trying to clean up behind him. He can take care of himself, he has been for over 450 years, I think he can handle one immortal. Even if he can't, it's his place to lose, not the PTB's place to have him give up his life to his kinsman to beat Kell. And, who's to say that Kell wouldn't beat Duncan? IE: Why did the PTB make both MacLeods dumb as rocks? I know they can think - one of them should have said, 'But, one of us kills the other, then Kell kills the one that's left, he'll have BOTH quickenings and we'll be screwed!' - It would have made more sense for one of the MacLeods to fight Kell and die at his hand, then the OTHER MacLeod chase Kell down and kill him, than it did for D to kill C - that was just stupid and WAY out of character!

    *Duncan would not have been married previously. If you recall in the series he had never been married and that gypsy told him he never would be. Hell-o! Canon! Can we please remember what we've already established?

    *Methos and Joe would have featured more prominently in the movie. They wouldn't have been give their 2 lines and then told to shove off. If you're gonna have big recognizable characters in the movie, then they'd better be IN the movie - and not just decorations!

    Did I cover everything? Eh, probably not, so, feel free to add to this list of atrocities from Endgame...

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