3.60 : And The Children Shall Lead.


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Jan 5, 2001
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The one with the children and the friendly angel.

As a child I never liked this episode. The children seemed too "American" or "Brady Bunch" to me to have been from space in the future, and even then the optical special effects of the evil entity were poor. Looking at it now, they solve the problem far too easily -- they simply show the children visual logs of their parents and their graves, and they suddenly see Gorgon for what he really is, and begin to cry.

The children cause the Enterprise to leave orbit around Triacus and fly towards Marcus XII. Kirk beams two security guards down to the planet to relieve those on duty, unaware that the Enterprise has moved. The transporter chief beams them out into space to their deaths.

Firstly, wouldn't there be a safety overide or sensor check, to make sure the destination is actually there before beaming commences? There must be some system, otherwise we would see crew beamed under the ground, or 50ft up in the air too. No wonder McCoy hates transporters!

Secondly, when is the Enterprise going to go back and pick up the other two guards left on the planet. I know they are only redshirts, but losing four in one episode is a little unlucky, and no one shows any real remorse about them. It's about time someone recognised the great work these men do, rushing into any desperate situation without question, and being slaughtered without even a complaint.


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Jun 29, 2014
A good writer and producer even with reduced budget could have fixed theses kinds of problem.