Stewart Talks Nemesis Aliens


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Jan 5, 2001
Way on Down South, London Town
Patrick Stewart told TV Guide Online to expect some startling new aliens in the 10th Trek film. "Romulus has a sister planet called--of course, as you'd expect--Remus," Stewart told the site. "So you're going to meet the inhabitants of that planet, the Remans, who are quite unlike anything you've seen before."

Stewart added, "I think they might be the most successful aliens [makeup designer] Michael Westmore has ever produced. I even include the Borg in saying this. He's brought an alien race to life in an entirely convincing way. There's something very novel and unique in their design. They're imposing and sinister in a very different way from the Borg."

Nemesis also features other enticements, Stewart said. "There is romance, and there is also sex, but Picard is not involved in either," he said. Stewart added that he won't have a producer credit on this film, as he has on previous Trek movies. "Brent Spiner [Data] took my role this time, and he worked with [producer] Rick Berman and [writer] John Logan on the story," he said. "It's been a great thing for us to have a non-Star Trek writer. Logan [Gladiator] is a fine writer, but also a big fan of the TV series. He remembers the names of the episodes and so forth!