2.50 : By Any Other Name.


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Jan 5, 2001
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The one where Scotty drinks the alien under the table.

Kelvans take over the Enterprise, and transform most of the crew into small, tetrahedral blocks. They need the ship to return them to the Andromeda Galaxy. Kirk, Spock, McCoy and Scotty are the only crew who remain, they use the Kelvans newly aquired human emotions and sensations to convince them they can never return home.

I always loved the Scotty-Tomar scene, with the bottle of alien liquor that Mr. Scott cannot identify, except that "it's green."


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Aug 21, 2010
Just rewatched this bottom-of-the-barrel teleplay. About the only thing it offers that has just a little sense of wonder is the image of the Enterprise traveling towards the distant Andromeda galaxy. The episode is co-credited to Jerome Bixby, whose famous Twilight Zone teleplay, "It's a Good Life," and story, are so much better than this. I wonder if Bixby wrote an original draft that was better, & it was turned into what we got. The Milky Way galaxy being saved from Andromedan conquerors thanks to Captain Kirk's sex appeal is just too much.


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Oct 26, 2013
A very common conceit we seem to throw into all sorts of stories, not only Star trek or even just science fiction, is how all other beings want so much to be human.
Androids and Robots, like Data, the android in "what are little girls made of" and the Bicentennial man, Vulcans and Kelvans, as weve seen, but also vampires and puppets(Pinochio et al), elves and even gods. They would all rather be human, and capable of human love, and other failings ( :) ).
Quite apart from the simple chance to snog the oldest man to go to space.

Edit: Ooh; Talking of which, what about Lazarus Long's Computer in 'Time enough for love" (Minerva or Athena?)
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