Pray 2 da god Joss Whedon
Feb 28, 2001
I don't know what season it's from but i'm sure the Mod's will move it 4 me;) soz 4 being a nuisance and thanxs

I was watching the ep 'Upgrades'. Y'know the 1 where Jack, Sam and Daniel became super strong, fast and hungry!

N e way, howcum Jack got the 'upgrade' 1st yet his came off last? Sam got hers second and Daniel last. Yet Daniel's came off 1st, then Sam's then Jack's

Can n e 1 tell me y this happened in the order it did? The logical order would be 1st Jack then Sam then Daniel. As an antibody would of bin made quicker in Jack as he put it on 1st.
order of 'upgrades'

Kactus ... :rolleyes:

It may all have to do with individual biochemistry. Or age. After all Jack is the oldest followed by Sam and then Daniel.

naaaa........Kactus is right..........daniel is a wimp.

Tho i'm not sure being a wimp with a stupid haircut has n e thing to do with the thingy being taken off................

maybe the producers are just stupid?
(this is my very very VERY helpful answer :rolleyes: )
as I understood it, their bodies were injected witha virus & inorder for the them to feel the affects of the armband they had to be suseptable. I think Jack had the weekes imune system so his body gave in firt & then too the longes to fight it where as Dannies body resisted the longest & then fought the viras off faster. Go Danny & his healthy yummy bodd!!:D
I agree with Skoon here. Maybe it about the immune systems or something else dead complicated.
it is about the immune system

the ""upgrade"" was a virus, and when it came off, it was as a result of the subject creating an antibody for the virus, so danny has the strongest immune system ((this may have something to do with his allergies, as in my experience the antihistomines i take <<<i am allergic to EVERYTHING>>> mean i hardly ever get a cold, coz i develop immunity really quickly)) dunno about jack and sam, it may be coz shes younger and her body responds faster, but i dont think the writers were thinking of that when they wrote it tho ;)

Originally posted by pamie

you are definately right Jessa. Daniel is a wimp!! :D ;)

i know i was right. didn't think u would agree tho pamie! :p :D :D

and Sam is more vital to the team than Jack. or she is way smarter n e wayz. maybe tis cos of that
Originally posted by Jessa

i know i was right. didn't think u would agree tho pamie! :p :D :D

and Sam is more vital to the team than Jack. or she is way smarter n e wayz. maybe tis cos of that

Hey Jessa don't start that again....:rolleyes: ;)

Plus lets face it guys...its in the script!! :p
sowwy! :D

and yeah, if thats the way the writers wanted it, than thats the way the writers should have it!
And, of course, "Upgrades" has one of the all time great Stargate lines, from General Hammond:

"I thought [the armbands] were supposed to enhance their abilities, not make them stupid!"

... things...

I sometimes wonder what that episode must have down to RDA's diet. It seemed like every time the poor man turned around they were having him eat something... :p

I have never seen anyone get that much pie in their mouth . . . ;)

AT's not foolin' us - we saw she ate the low cal jello. :D

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