Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings?

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aka Padfoot
May 9, 2001
which do you prefer?

i've never actually SEEN harry potter.......but as i am so obsessed with LOTR, it's proabably better n e way :D :rolleyes:
jess there actually a thread exactly like this in the HP section...shall we ask a mod weeeely nicely to merge them?
Well if its in the Harry Potter section its going to be biased towards Harry Potter so here it might be more unbiased. But merging them here might be good.

Anyway, I voted LOTR. Have seen both movies and definetly liked LOTR better. Harry Potter is just not my kind of thing (the only reason I didn't fall asleep in it was it was too loud), though it might be good for young kids and those who are like young kids :rolleyes:. And I have absolutely no interest in reading the HP books.
LOTR definitely...HP just seems a bit...simple after you've read LOTR:D
harry potter was a farce(****)

lord of the rings had orlando bloom

no compertition

had to vote for the fit guy
only cos he looks like hm-hm lynch-guy right Kitty? hehe:D
LOTRs bored the heck out of me by the end and I've only seen the start of Harry Potter.

I voted that I didn't like neither :eek:
Originally posted by Legolas
only cos he looks like hm-hm lynch-guy right Kitty? hehe:D


one problem with lotr

ya bum got sore after a while
lol, i know! the second time i went to see it, my bum went numb after the second hour! :D :laugh2:
harry potter for me cos i got really bored when i went to see LOTR
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