Please sign the give Tracker a Chance Petition

Sherry D

Nov 26, 2001


Tracker may be moving to cable, fans are awaiting word from Lions Gate. In order to assure that this happens, fans have started a on-line petition at:

go over to the site and add your signature!
The fans of the SF syndicated TV Show Tracker and the Team Tracker Fan Club have created an online petition which they plan to presenet to the major cable TV stations (SciFi Channel, USA Network, TNT, Showtime) and others asking them to place Tracker on their fall 2002 line up.

The petition reads: We understad Lionsgate Entertainment is corrently talking to cable stations with the idea of marketing their TV series Tracker, starring Adrian Paul and Geraint Wyn Davies
for the coming TV season.

Adrian Paul has a very large and loyal fan base who are looking forward to a second season of Tracker. We, the fans of Tracker, have enjoyed watching this action packed, romantic sci-fi comedy. Each new episode is better than the last. Therefore, we have signed this petiton in hopes that our voices will not go unheard when we ask for another season of this delightful show......

Full text is located at:

Please read this, sign it and ask your freinds and family to do the same. Thank you.
Thanks for share it Sherry D, I hope this means better time slots for the series. :p

Krystal :D

Thanks Sherry D. for the petition info and here's a cheer to better time slots!! :)
Tracker was on Sci Fi Newswire

The petition news is also being reported at Sci Fi Channel's website; they said they would do a follow-up story on
Monday April 1:
News (Fandom)

"Fans Petittion for More Tracker"
Crossing fingers! Hope Scifi consider it, definitely will be a good adquisition for them. :coolyello

Krystal :rain:
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Petition for Tracker


I don't know if you've all been watching. Tracker has gotten better and better. If you'd like to keep seeing it and preferably at a decent hour, sign the petition to keep Tracker on the air and hopefully on Cable. Lionsgate is looking for a cable station to air Tracker, so it gets a better time slot and regular schedule. The fans are pretty excited about the possibility...over 1600 have signed!

If you're interested, go to:

Adrian Paul is outstanding as Cole and Geraint Wyn Davies is as nasty as the bad guys come. I am looking forward to the next new episode.
Leepeace1 No Tracker at all is not showing Tracker any more. The last one was shown at 3 AM last Wednesday morning. Why, I don't know but all of you send emails regarding this. Since we tried the petitition, it obviously didn't work on them.

I will call them tomorrow.


Did anyone know is they still any Tracker? The channel I use to see it is not showing it more. I wonder is there still a Tracker.

Krystal :D
Any More Tracker?

The last episode of season 1 aired a couple of weeks ago, and some stations continue to air Tracker in re-runs. However, the decision about a second season is still up in the air. Lionsgate is still working on options, particularly selling Tracker to a cable station. This would ensure that the show would air at a regular time across the country and get some promotional coverage. We are all holding our breaths to see if we will see new episodes next fall.

If anyone saw the show through Season 1, I'm sure you'd agree that Tracker was well worth following. It had an interesting storyline and some great surprises in the last few episodes. There's lots of possibilities for the story and characters!
Thanx for the news, I was really worried. Yes, I see the Season 1 and love it, but haven't hear anymore about it and was afraid it was cancelled. Crossing fingers to Season 2 and in a better time slot and channel. :lol:

Krystal :p

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