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I know that I missed out on all the preparation for this project, but as you know I'm still quite new here and you did all this some time before I stumbled into your midst.

I hope it's okay if I participate in this story. The choices made in previous polls have led to a type of story that I simply adore. And I'd love to contribute.

Hope that's okay with everybody. I'll get over there and make my first post...
Okay, Deutschy, just don't ham it up...

Joking, of course. :D I have no objections.

I do want to make a point about continuity: namely,can we keep the continuity accurate? That's all, really.
I just meant that if one person says one thing in one post, can the next not turn around and say that they spoke or acted entirely differently.
Which is why someone needs to act as editor and clean things up at the end of every chapter. Make sure there are no contradictions (unplanned contradictions, I guess I should say), no blatant repeats, things like that. Sort of like a continuity person for a film.
I should be able to do that.

Also, I can edit in pieces that missed their spot - like mine did.
No problem. By the way, you should get in on the story - it's getting rather interesting.
Which is probably where my character will appear.:D

Seriously, they will meet her on the road. I don't think it will be too much longer. I'm just waiting for the right moment to jump in.
I'm having a few poblems with this courier font thing, which might explain why I keep missing things and messing it up. My new glasses should be coming in a few days, though. I'm an idiot and I've put off the opticians for three years, and it turns out my eyes really are a lot worse.
We have about eighteen pages of single spaced manuscript now (35 if double spaced), if anyone's curious.
How many words is it? I can never visualise how long something is without knowing how many words there are. Is it time to start a new chapter yet?
5,500 words.

We need a finish of sorts to start a new chapter, and the current plotline is nowhere near a constructive wrap-up point. Alvis commenting on walking off into the sunset would have been a decent stopping point, but then we turned around completely and went the other way.
Actually, the post where Judith and Vey bugger-off on horses would be a good chapter end.
I suppose so.

Is everyone all right with me editing what we have so far?

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