6.04: Frozen

While I like the theory of someone advanced in 'Gate technology using the time travel properties of solar flares interacting with the flow of 'Gate material, it's something I didn't think of. But for this "ancient" woman to be from so far in the future that speech is antiquated won't be any more plausable.

On the other hand it would also cover the reasons the "super bug" would have a faster effect on humans of our time vs. Ayiana's race of humans. The medical peeps on SG-1 have knowledge of genetic manipulation so that's what they fell back to. That's just good science considering the dates the ice cores were giving back. Maybe later Janet or Sam will have their Eureka moment that makes Ayiana a future human.

I think it's still a matter of the writers trying to make a backstory and fitting the "Ancients of Earth" into the lost history that predates the Egyptians. The what-if nature of another race buggering off into space and leaving their kissing cousins scraping in the dirt. But somehow with a predefined plan to shuffle them along a like path to theirs. Barring Goa'uld interference, that is.
Reading this, I'm reminded of the Voyager ep where decendants of the dinosaurs are found in the Delta Quadrant.

Just how many earth species landed on the moon before us? :rolly2:
Another good episode. Amazed that the girl(name escapes me) was still 'alive' after so many thousands of years frozen in the ice. Did they ever find out what had caused her to 'give' SG1 a virus???? Or did I miss that part?

annette :D
While this episode raised some intriguing possibilities, it mostly served as a vehicle to get Jack out of the picture as a setup for the next two stories.
that's also how i see it. although i have heard spoilers that ayaina and what they discovered will come into play in the last half of season 6. time will tell
And we Yanks must be ever more patient than the Brits since the second half of S6 won't be seen here until January. :(