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Feb 22, 2001
So did anyone see this behind the scenes stuff on T4 today...
I did and it was kinda good..really liked the guy who played Lex he was funny!

yeah, i watched it too. It was cool, i thought all the actors were really great but yeah i especially liked Micheal! :D

Oh and the stuff about the relationships working in triangles was interesting. :D
Did you know that Annette O'Toole who plays Martha Kent was also Lana Lang in Superman III (1983).

There was a big blooper in the the pilot epi when Lana was visiting her parents grave the tombstone read 1959-1959 in another scene it reads 1959-1989.

Cynthia Ettinger was to play Martha Kent the pilot was filmed with her in it, but re-shot with Annette O'Toole.
I have been going through Smallville withdrawl and started going through some of the first shows. There are some really lame jokes in some of the shows....

In "Metamorphosis" epi 2, Greg a teen who becomes a "bug boy" drives a VW "bug" and the music on the radio playing before he crashes is "Last Resort" by Papa Roach.

In "Cool" epi 5 a jock named Sean becomes "ice boy" from falling in a lake with kryptonite at the bottom. His last name is Kelvin!
In the episode Shimmer, about an invisible villain, was also done on Buffy the Vampire Slayer. The locker room scene was almost the same as the one on Buffy.

In the episode Stray, where the Kents befriend a runaway boy, Chlole having a secret involving the color 'pink' that someone finds out about by using superpowers echoes from Superman The Movie, where Superman tells Lois what color her underwear is, Lois being a reporter also.
Facts about 2.2 Heat

Krista Allen, also played a mutant who could use pheromones to entrance men in the Mutant X episode Deadly Desire.
Clarks Clothes

Has anyone noticed that Clark is either wearing red, yellow or blue when he is in hero mode, and when he was evil in "Red" he wore black only?

This episode was produced during the Season 1 production period. They do some tricky stuff like dub in Martha saying she works for Lionel when you can't see her face, because of course she didn't work for him at the point this was filmed in the first season.

It also seems that Lana and Clark are a lot more comfy then the last couple of episodes before this would suggest. And they also kinda played down Clark's use of his powers in front of Pete (although it looks like here was some creative dubbing there to play things down too).

Coast City, the one-time home of Green Lantern, gets a mention here. It was destroyed by Mongul and Cyborg, who are enemies of an adult Superman in the comics.
Have you noticed......

When Clark stops behaving with Superman-like behavior, he stops wearing red, yellow, and blue.

Lineage in this show we find out the zip code for Smallville is 67524. That is for Chase, KS in Rice County - Latitude 38.4, Longitude -98.4

Insurgence This episode marks the first time the Daily Planet building has made a prominent appearance.

Suspect Director Kenneth Biller seems to have a sense of humor - when Pete and Clark go shooting off the road in Pete's car, the low-angle car-shooting-through-the-air shot looks a lot like any number of Dukes of Hazards shots of the General Lee doing a stunt. John Schneider starred in the Dukes of Hazards.

Rosetta Christopher Reeve, of course, played Superman/Clark Kent in four films during the 70's and 80's.
Annette O'Toole costarred with Christopher Reeve in Superman III as Lana Lang.

Has anyone else noticed that with all the kryptonite mutant people running around why did it take a fever to bring in the DCA?
Re: Have you noticed......

Originally posted by DarkCity545
Has anyone else noticed that with all the kryptonite mutant people running around why did it take a fever to bring in the DCA?

Yes. Also, if Mamma Kent was suspected by DCA of having a dangerous and possibly contagious virus/something, why wasn't she in issolation unit while in hospital? I mean, people where walking in and out, people walking down halls next to her room.
In Rosetta, New York is the first REAL city to be used on "Smallville."

DC comics always uses fake cities like Metropolis, Edge City, Gotham City, and so on.
Originally posted by DarkCity545
In Rosetta, New York is the first REAL city to be used on "Smallville."

DC comics always uses fake cities like Metropolis, Edge City, Gotham City, and so on.

Actually, Metropolis IS a real city. Metropolis, Illinois. It's only a couple of hundred miles from my town. :)

but there is no Metropolis, Kansas which is suppose to be about 25 to 30 miles away from Smallville! :rolly2:
i always got the impression that Metroplis and gotham were all the same city kinda, or at least really close to each other
I never got that impression. I just thought they were two different cities in two different comics. I never understood how they integrated the different comic universes. How did they get B-man together with S-man? was this in the original comics or did it come later?
i think that came later, like mabye in the cartoons or something:rolly2:
In the Visitor....

The meteor rocks are called kryptonite for the first time in this series.

When Pete asks Clark if "Kryptonite" starts with a "c" or a "k," it's reminscent of "Superman: The Movie" when Lois and Superman were on her terrace and she asked him if "Krypton" was spelled with a "c" or a "k."

This is also the first time that meteorites are called meteorites, instead of the unscientific "meteor rocks".

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