joe chat notes *season 6 spoilers and titles*


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Sep 24, 2000
Joe popped into chat and shared these spoilers with us. Spoilers for episodes of season 6…read on at your own risk.

Episode 1 & 2
Revelations will see anubis raising the stakes in a big way and the return of a certain guest character

Episode 3
PdL directs descent. It is a submerged set and the cast actually got wet

Episode 4

Frozen- robert cooper , it has a cool setting and a major revelation about a long running arc and the beginning of a difficult time for jack, directed by martin wood

Episode 5

Nightwalkers, a tie in with desperate measures

Episode 6
Abysss, brad write, the return of daniel, jack/danny banter and the presence of a goa'uld we haven't seen since summit

Episode 7

Shadow play, focus on jonas and a return to his planet to possibly face the music

Episode 8

The other guys, written by damian kindler, the guy that co-wrote need with robert c cooper, a view of sg-1 in action from a different pov

Episode 9

allegiance, written by PDL
What's up with the tokra after last stand? What happened to the jaffa after warrior? The eps focusses on the relationship between the tokra and jaffa

Episode 10, no title
Return of a former system lord

They have half the season mapped out. Season 6 introudeces us to a whole new dynamic and is essentially the launch point for the movie and spin off

Brad wright and robert cooper will be penning the movie
The case and crew are happy to be back and the prospect of the movie is very promising

For more indepth spoilers and an interview with bill marchant (adrian conrad) pop on over to
that's the rumors i'm hearing as well. season 1 & 2 may have been more fun...but this one is going to be rather dramatic and deadly serious.

i think we can liken it to season 4 of babylon 5. seasons 1&2 were setting things up and exploring the universe...and the general plot arc takes up more and more of the episode.

i mean i've noticed a lessening of 'bottle episodes' lately. more and more they're drawing upon the mythology they've created rather than almost throw away eps
well. I believe I'm actually looking forward to sason 6. Don't suppose you've heard of ant Jack/Sam shippy moments though?:(
Jonas & Sam

See how a new character has a place in it ?

I want both: Sam & Jonas and later Sam & Jack. Will be so funny!
anyone know if PdL will continue as a creative consultant on the second movie? the spin-off?
I can't wait for S6, I need to new emps. ;)

Oh well, there are still the re-runs, but its Saturday,the only day of the week with SG1 not on TV :rolleyes:

At least the future of SG looks promising, I just hope they bring back some mystery that isn't answered in half an hour ;)

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