Where should it end?


Pre 1986 Comics Fan
Aug 21, 2000
i beleive as of now their are only six episodes of EFC left period. At the end the issues that will be addressed of course will be the Ativous and Sandivol. here's a list of what i would like to see.

1.Redemtion for Sandivol. many fans have pointed out that he isn't a bad guy per se. It is that when he tried to clean the slate he was given a mock trial. He also spent many lonely months in the mothership after being Nuked. hatred is what kept him alive.

2.What happed to the taelons, jaridians, and Liam. Nothing close to an answear has been given.

3.A good Ativus. I hated how on star Tek are Klingons were Warlike, vulcans are logical, fernigi are greedy, Cardisians treacherous ETC. I like species with different molds.

4.An origin for Renee. unless the future has changed an awful lot. I don't think they would teach Code bracking, Gun shooting, Kung fu, explosives, document forging and other traits amoug those lines at harvard.

Anyone want to add anything.


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