1.29 : Operation: Annihilate!


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Jan 5, 2001
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The one where Spocks goes blind!

The planet Deneva, home of Captain Kirk's brother George and his family, is under attack by flying rubber bat-like aliens that interwine themselves with the human nervous system. Dr, McCoy speculates that intense light may kill them, Spock volunteers to be guinea pig. Only later does McCoy realise he could have used ultra-violet light alone, and saved Spock's eyesight. Then we discover about the Vulcan's unusual opthalmic anatomy.

This episode has one of those uniform quick-changes that Markpud likes so much. At the end, Kirk orders satellites to be placed in orbit. Sulu, as Helmsman, indicates they are ready. He wears a gold shirt with one armband. Kirk says "Energise!" The scene cuts to the Navigator and Helmsman positions, and the Helmsman now wears a red shirt with no armbands.


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Aug 21, 2010
Kirk's brother's wife really looks like a female country-western singer to me. Something about the actress's face, makeup, and hair.

A pretty good episode, managing a horror element without turning into a horror show. A weakness is that we don't feel that the necessity of getting rid of the parasites is all that urgent for the Denevans or for other planets that the parasites might infect. We understand it to be really important, but perhaps the sufferings of Spock push that element aside a bit too much.