1.15 : Court-Martial.


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Jan 5, 2001
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Kirk stands trial for Murder but who is the real victim?

A Kirk episode, never again will Starfleet Command question the judgement of Kirk. Also a great episode for developing the Spock-McCoy relationship: the scene with Spock playing Chess to test the ship's computer is pivotal: the audience is manipulated into thinking, like McCoy, that Spock is the most cold-blooded person he has ever met, Spock says "Why Thank you, Doctor!", while in reality he provides the first evidence in Kirk's favour.

As Kirk and Finney biff it out in the final fight scene, Kirk is wearing one of those poor quality, easily ripped shirts again. Unfortunately, Kirk's stunt double was given the better quality replacements, which doesn't get ripped in the same way. That huge wrench that Finney swings at Kirk: they have some really big nuts to tighten down in Engineering!


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Aug 21, 2010
I expect to see this one tonight. Never has been a favorite, but maybe I'll see something in it that I like. "I was forced to jettison the pod" or something like that, from this essay, does lend itself to being used in various circumstances if your spouse is also a Star Trek fan. "Did you just break a dish out there?" "I was forced to jettison the pod." At least I think this is the "jettison" episode, unless it was "Obsession." Maybe they should have jettisoned the script....


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Nov 6, 2008
I saw this last night and found it to be a very enjoyable episode. The fight scene was a bit rubbish, though.

Got to admit that i'm really enjoying the remastered effects on the show.


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Oct 26, 2013
I've just rewatched this and note a couple of things.
First of all a rather empassioned speech by Kirk's Columbo-like lawyer about keeping the rights of computers firmly below those of men. A ruling to be overturned later by Picard in The Measure of a Man, for the sake of Data. (And how come captains always manage to find sexy lawyers whenever they get in court.)

The other thing happens when they're setting up the heartbeat trace on the Enterprise.
Kirk explains that the computer has a microphone system, and that in order to listen for any heartbeats in the ship they're going to "increase the auditory capability of the computer by an order of one to the fourth power".
Or put more plainly by 1.