Favourite Anime

My favorite anime has to be Fruits Basket. I just adore the series and Yuki (avatar) because he is the rat just like me. ^_^

Other Favs.

Spirited Away
Castle in the Sky
Kiki's Delevery Service
Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust
Escaflowne the movie
and many more
woohoo....another vampire hunter D fan. :D

I just wish they would make an anime version of Buffy, their was talk of it. It would be so cool.

Yeah I love Yu-Gi-Oh too. :rolly2:

But I still think that "Ghost in the Shell" is the best Manga film ever....it's just BRILLIANT :D
my favs are DBZ, Gundam Wing, Dominion Tank Police and there is a new series on toonami (aka CNX) called Big O which is really cool.
Shaman King has just started in the Uk and I thinks its quite cool :D

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