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The Devil Himself
Feb 21, 2002
What is your favourite anime? Mine is Neon Genesis Evangelion. Sadamoto's work rules!
I was very disappointed by Evangelion; no idea why. Normally, anything from Gainax is just great (Gunbusters being my favourite), but I just didn't like Evangelion. Possibly because I saw it just after another series with exactly the same plot...

Anyway: my favourite overall is Urusei Yatsura. If there were as many episodes of Cowboy Bebop that might have made it, but it's great despite the fewness of the episodes.
How can you not like nge? I've never seen Bebop but I know nge rulz! It was one of the best of the 90's!
It probably just depends on opinion, but I don't know what Bebop is about. Do you Americans have it as a normal anime series over there?
I don't know about them americans, but here in Ireland I used the internet - the provider of all that is good - to order the DVDs. There's a box set which also contains a CD of the excellent soundtrack.
I normally catch the anime movies on the Sci-Fi Channel. Last week it was Bubblegum Crisis. I recorded it but I haven't watched it yet!
wow theres a lot i like.... hmmm vampire hunter D was good, akira, magic knight rayearth, neon genesis evangelion, and probably ranma 1/2, oh and OH my goddess
I mostly get the Manga comics. They last forever and they have no chane of getting recorded over. This is the comics I have:
Neon Genesis Evangelion
Black Magic
You're under arrest!
Vampire princess Miyu
Sailor Moon
Oh My Goddess
Dirty Pair
Ranma 1/2
Dragonball Z
man...I wish I could pick a fav...well wait a minute...I can... As for Seris I LOVE Trigun and Sorcerrer Stabber Orphen as for movies Akira is my fav

I'd have to say mine are Cowboy Bepob and Outlaw Star, both are shown on CNX. Cartoon Networks new Anime/Manga only channel. It's great they show loads of series like Tenchi Myuo and Gundamn Wing, both of which I like but never seem to get round to viewing.

I also liked Ghost in the Shell, but I still get confused with the plot of that one!

hmmm tough contest between Neon Genisis Evangeleon, Blue Gender, Gundam seires and Dragonball seires!!
But all animes rock in there own way!

Thank you for your welcome meaghan_maxwell!!

One question is your Avatar one of the pics from the end of Outlaw Star it looks familliar?

Elisa :lifeup:
OUTLAW STAR bloody screams from that avvy. It was obvious. and welcome Elisa Azure. Happy Posting here.

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