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Feb 17, 2002
I would really prefer NOT to see the kid from "prodigy"....don't like her.

I also would prefer not to see Teal'c's kid as a member...'cuz he would add nothing to the team's dynamic.

I would have loved to seen Martouf added, but alas, he is dead.

So, my ideal replacement for Dr. Jackson would be a member of the Tok'ra...they would bring a very interesting new twist...they could "flash" the glowing eyed critter upon occasion....speak the lingo with the bad guys, etc....but, not Carter's dad...I think a nice young, cute guy to vie for Carter's attention with Jack.


Alternatively, how about the nice human from the planet that the goa'uld just wasted? Remember the guys who could walk through walls...the one Carter gave the cat to? His name eludes me, but he had a thing for Carter too...They would bring high end technology and an air of superiority to the team's captain as well....they also know the Nox pretty well.

An Asgard team member would be too expensive in the special effects department, plus talk about "not blending". :rolly2:

Who would you like to see or not see?
Let's see. Who have I put on teams in my fic...

More AF personel with a reasonable RL background. Of course, this also goes along with them finally putting together a mobile taskforce with veichles of some sort. I'm mean, come on. Only so far you can go on foot and the series stretched it with the distance covered in "First Ones." I'm thinking motorbikes or refitted glider tech. For the glider tech you'd need pilots-- hense the SGC is part of the Air Force and you'd have pilots to draft!

It also helps if the people picked out of the Air Force have degrees in geology. They'd be able to do surveys and find more Naquada and stuff like that. Alternativly, with the hints of a spinoff series, someone with diving experience would be very handy to add to the team.

The producers picked:
Someone from a planet that shows the right skills and seems to be motivated to help Earth. Admitedly, Teal'c's been alone for a bit long. But can you really trust that sort of person to be devoted to Earth's defense? This idea is sounding a bit thin to me. But also very good for the rest of the team to doubt and mistrust this person a lot more than they did Teal'c.

I can't wait for next fall for when I can finally see season 5.
I never thought of that! Very clever idea...put the team on wheels...Sam, the biker babe. (not really)...

I'm REALLY not happy with Corin Nemec...oh well, nobody asked me. Maybe he's learned how to act and his acne has cleared up by now.

Hope he's cast with an "intriquing" personality and occupation.

Maybe they should rotate out that "fourth" member for a while until one clicks?

I still hope they add a Tok'ra to the group.

If I can watch the new Star Trek ( that show, AWFUL, or WHAT?), I guess I can suffer through the last season of Stargate, regardless of who they cast.

Did somebody say, "spinoff"?

Post about that please. :)
Originally posted by Ynott
I never thought of that! Very clever idea...put the team on wheels...Sam, the biker babe. (not really)...
Um, Sam has in interest in motorcycles... And the Army has a specific motorcycle approved for off-road use. So there is a real life basis to rolling motorcycles through the 'Gate. Just hasn't been done on the show.
Originally posted by Ynott
I'm REALLY not happy with Corin Nemec...oh well, nobody asked me. Maybe he's learned how to act and his acne has cleared up by now.

Hope he's cast with an "intriquing" personality and occupation.

Maybe they should rotate out that "fourth" member for a while until one clicks?
Well, I have the tape of Solar Crisis and while it was a dog of a movie, I think the producers had this in mind when they figured CN could play to the military and do action adventure stuff. His role in that movie involved a lot of running around over sand and rocks! So he has to be an active cuss and in good company with RDA and Co.

Hmm. Rotation makes my heart grow fonder. There's just so many other ways they should have handled Danny's departure that didn't involve self-sacrifice. Rotation of Danny off SG-1 as is more usual in the military sure makes more sense in RL terms than frying him.
Originally posted by Ynott
Did somebody say, "spinoff"?

Post about that please. :)
You haven't been around the boards here yet. Do a search on it and you'll get loads of information. If the rumor pans out, I'm not kidding when I say they need a scuba diver on the teams in the future...
Rothman would have fitted perfectly, but, alas, he was killed off in 'The First Ones'... which spun off into one of my 'didn't get enough sleep last night' ideas:
Can you imagine Chaka in SGC fatigues?:D
Aris Boch? WHOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! Now HE would have been a great one to vie for Sam's attention . . . :D

I also don't like the newest choice.

I also agree that a member of the Tok'ra would be interesting - it could add some new kinks about how to enlist others with a simbiote (you know, we're going to need Junior II pretty soon . . .)

[I think Star Trek has gotten better each episode; usually it doesn't happen that fast (have you ever gone back and watched the Next Gen first season - now THAT was STINKY BAD!]
My thinking on someone to fill the vacant space in S.G.-1 is that he (or she) must be a terrestrial. To have 50% of the flagship team being aliens rather challenges one's supension of disbelief.

So suppose we have a mild-mannered, apparently inoffensive little guy (well, average height), in his late 20s, who does research in Oriental Studies based at a nearby university. He's not the sort of guy who tries to stand out from the crowd. In fact, he's rather secretive and has hidden depths.

One of these is that he has a particular talent for martial arts (5th. dan karate, 3rd dan jiu jitsu, 2nd dan kendo), something which he doesn't really talk about outside the dojo. (Why tell potential enemies more than they need to know? Let it be a surprise.) His favourite reference work is Sun Tsu's 'The Art of War'.

He's also interested in how to make explosives because he loves Chinese fireworks, and has quite a few ninjutsu tricks up his sleeve. No, I'm not suggesting a Bruce Lee clone here. He just sees himself as an ordinary American. He keeps his extra-curricular activities very much to himself. S.G.-1 will have to dig them out. He won't volunteer them unless it's absolutely essential.


Best wishes,
Hatshepsut :wave:
Sounds like you have a real character there, Hatshepsut.

Did you put maybe a little bit of thought into that answer:p

Should we be expecting him a fic any time soon? I for one wouldn't mind seeing another intelligent and capable character around here.
Well, thank you, Sandman :) Yes indeed, much thought was put into it. I wanted to create a believable character which could 'unfold' and develop as time goes on.

Oh and I forgot to mention - definitely no sleazy smirk... ;)

Hadn't thought of using him in a fic., so thanks for the suggestion :) I already have two more little tales in the pipeline after I've finished 'A Walk on the Wild Side.' Obsessed? Moi? :D

Actually, the initial inspiration was my son. He has that air of quiet confidence which goes with knowing he can handle most nasty things the world throws at him. He's 23, and keeps quiet about the fact that he's currently 3rd. dan at karate, heading for his first black at jiu jitsu and contemplating taking up kendo...

Sadly no, he isn't an actor :(

Best wishes,
Proud Hatshepsut :wave:

P.S. His eyes are bigger and bluer than Daniel Jackson's and he has long eyelashes that make me green with envy. Not fair, wasted on a boy... :rolleyes:
Proud Hatshepsut:rolly2: That's cool.

I haven't as of yet seen the eps with the new guy, but just him being an alien ought to keep him off a first contact team. Asylum and working at the SGC is one thing, being on SG-1 is another. Teal'c had special knowledge of the enemy. What does Jonas have to contribute to the team? Any linguistic skills? Is he technolocically capable? Any combat experience? Can the guy at least follow orders? I don't know, as i've said i haven't seen the eps but i have to wonder. I actually like Corin Nemec (or at least what I've seen of his work--limited) but who the hell wrote the character? Are we supposed to believe this would be allowed to happen? I better be wowed come season six.

Now back to the subject. I would like to see some young Air Force guy or gal with linguistic and anthropological skills, i still think those come in useful--you know when they actually visit other planets, esp. the ones where they don't speak English (does that actually happen?) .
If they got one young enough he/she might still have the desire to change the world and see things with a fresh eye. preferrably they would need one with um, the guts enough to stand up to Jack without crossing that line of insubordiantion. Having convictions can be a good thing. no naive twits please, but it'd be nice to have a character that can still be awed with gate travel and off-world adventures.

Oh, well. Let's see what we get:p
I do so agree with you, Sandman. I really can't agree with a flagship team which is 50% alien.

Teal'c, I don't have a problem with, and at least he doesn't simper and smirk - yuk! :blah:

T.P.T.B. really haven't done Corey Nemo any favours. How can anyone believably come back from being shown to be a coward, a thief and a traitor and be accepted and trusted by the brightest and best of another planet? Might just as well include Sadam Hussein in S.G.-1. Huh!! :rolleyes: :mad:

Best wishes,
Hatshepsut :wave:

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