stargate season 4

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It was the episode called The Light that was going to be called Suicide mission

i was about to say that, but you got there first

seeing as we're on the subject, did anyone know that entity was going to be called "child's play"?

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We do have a rule about spoilers which should not be talked about outside of their thread or season! You can also use SPOILER SPACE or spoiler cover to mask a question asked about a season ... I will type what to use in red. Start by typing [ a right bracket, the word spoiler and a left bracket ] . Enter you spoiler (which will be covered when you submit your comment) and then type right bracket[ and then /spoiler followed by a left bracket ] . It should look like this:

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Hmm, I never heard those. It's interesting to find out what an episode was going to be called. I don't see how Entity is related to 'Child's play' perhaps they were going to do something but the story took a different direction & therefore the intended title no longer fit?

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