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Picard's Woman
Jan 2, 2002
I see from your signature that you also like Pretender, I did too but when it changed to another channel I kinda lost it, they put it on Saturday, when I'm usually not home and I keep forgetting to tape it.
i love the pretender! miss parker's so cool. she has the best lines! and if you're in the us they show the reruns on TNT every weeknight.

miss parker: And I want everything you can find on this Detective Evans. If he stole a Baby Ruth when he was 6, I want to know how many nuts it had.

welcome to the Pretender/Profiler mini-forum!

and yes - NBC in it's infinite wisdom cancelled both shows in favor of the now defunct XFL -- bad move - but hey - they didn't ask my opinion --- should have - they'd still have two great shows on the air ---

hope you stick around and chat w/ us a bunch!!

and there are two sticky threads at the top of the listing that give airtimes for the US at least --

i don't know where to find listings for other places - if i did, i'd gladly post the info ---

if you have anything -- feel free to drop it in!

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