The Quest For The Tavern That Gives Credit.

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May 31, 2004
I sure this book on amazon the other day, it looks really funny dose any one know any thing about it. :)
Can any one help i sure this book on amazon the other day and thought it looked really fuuny. Dose any one know any thing about it
Doesn't ring any bells... Sorry dude/dudette...

[EDIT] Never heard of Richard Burns, and there isn't a lot of information on Amazon about the book and what it is about...

Oh, and welcome to the board... Noticed that was your first post...

You should introduce yourself...
Sorry dude new at this,
Names Richard Gorsuch , real name is Harley.
tattooed , biker. not much more to say.
Check out the book on amazon and let me know what you think
The book looks funny? In what way? That it has a cartoon on its cover??

I'd hate to sound cynical, but something about this smells overpoweringly of someone trying to self-promo their own self-published work.

If I'm wrong, then sincere apologies. But for the moment it doesn't look that way. After all, I don't see any contructive reason why someone would join a new forum, and post repeatedly just to ask about a self-published novel that isn't even available yet - unless they were trying to create some form of stir about said book.

It's a nice try, but establish yourself a little more - heck, even push harder at lit agents - before trying to claim a small fuss for yourself. :)

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