1.10 : What Are Little Girls Made of?


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Jan 5, 2001
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The Enterprise meets Nurse Chapel's fiancée, Dr Roger Korby, who intends to take over the Enterprise and seed the universe with Androids.

This epiosde's writer, Robert Bloch, showed his affection for the work of HP Lovecraft's horror stories with frequent mention of the "old ones" and the pyramid shaped doors which fit his descriptions of the creatures dwellings.

Ruk is played by Ted Cassidy, better known as Lurch in 'The Addams Family'.

Kirk is once again presented with another threat to his identity. In 'The Enemy Within' it was an extension of himself, in 'Turnabout Intruder' he would lose his own body, here it is an Android with his own memories.

Spock should be careful of that Nurse Chapel. In 'The Naked Time' she appears to be very much in love with him, now she very much in love with Korby.


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Aug 21, 2010
It's a pity -- I'm guessing this was a relatively costly costly teleplay to make, what with the spinning-machine duplicator device, the arrangement and lighting of the canes (I suppose much of the caves was from stock on hand -- ?), the custom costume for Ruk, etc. -- and yet it's not a good one. The Korby - Chapel romance has no chemistry whatsoever. There's virtually no eerie atmosphere of alien antiquity such as, with a better scenario, script, and direction, might have been a possibility. We've seen an ancient, inhospitable planet a few weeks ago (with the series opener, "Man Trap"), and this one is less effective. The idea of the ancient inhabitants having moved underground is like a dull reuse of a key element of "The Cage," the pilot, which was incorporated into "The Menagerie." The skimpy outfit on Andrea is distracting; there's little justification for it in terms of the story or atmosphere. This one had plenty of potential for a creepy atmosphere -- think what something like this could have been on the old Outer Limits. Instead it's a hokey-feeling dud.


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Jun 29, 2014
The tragic ones in the is episode were all the Androids, especially Dr Korby ,when he had his epiphany.


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Nov 6, 2008
The Netflix viewing order is really squiffy as this one followed Mudd's Women and was one of those that I hadn't seen before.

I thought it was excellent and goes to show that megalomania sometimes has the best of intentions.

Nice to see Majel Barrett and Ted Cassidy together as i had only seen them in TNG and not the original.

The sets and costumes looked pretty good and I would imagine that the makeup was excellent for the day.


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Oct 26, 2013
As a boy, I would work those words of Roc's (Spoken twice! Roddenbury must have known of their power)) into as many playground games as I could.

Grown ups must have laughed as they heard me, long before my voice broke, trying to sound all gravelly,
"The old ones, yes. The ones who made us."

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