Season 6

youbetcha! The SciFi Channel has picked up Season 6 of Stargate.

and welcome aboard! :wave:
Texane, when is that supposed to start? Right now I'm still watching the ones on Showtime??? I'm new to this part of the Ascifi as well! Hi everyone!:wave:
I'd just like to know if it is better than Season's 1-5. I mean, are the Asgard on their side, are the Tokra ok, the Tollan survived or is it just them trying to win a war which is very hard to win. I didnt even see the last two episodes of Season 5, and it will be a very long time before it comes to Canada, so please enlighten me.
I know that Daniel is dead, so, dont tell me that

Thanks in advance.
That all depends on where you live. We in the U.S. have not even seen this "Meridian" episode yet!! And according to this article that Hatsheput as given, its up in the air whats going to happen! Now that so many fans are in an uproar about Daniel's "ascension", the article infers that Scifi Channel should "ask for their money back". Read the article, it was quite good, I agree with it wholeheartedly. The name of the article is "Will women destroy Stargate?" and the link is:

I'm not sure if the link will work, if it doesn't see Hatshepsut thread "Will women destroy Stargate?"
Of course the Internet is a haven for obsessive fans and obscure enthusiasms of all kinds. But the Jackson/Shanks phenomenon is impressive from any point of view. Fans post by the hundreds to "Stargate" discussion boards and fat Yahoo newsgroups. Furthermore, Jackson is the object of countless Internet "fanfics," or fan-authored fictions.

Hey! Does that sound like anyone you know?
That article sided with the Danny-lovers. I want to hear the other side from other folks. Only one thing will kill Stargate and thats if they become a mindless shoot-em-up like Earth:Final Conflict did. I used to like that show. :blush: Not much effort at all to turn the channel away from SG if that happens.
I was going to tell you that the other side is put quite forcefully here by Anni:


but I see you've already been there Cynvision.

Anyway, everyone is entitled to there own opinion. I can understand Anni's letter, because the reporting in that article seems to make out all women think that way, which would be quite wrong.

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