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Dec 4, 2000
is anyone else here a fan of great bad movies? i mean, movies that you know aren't really good quality movies, but you love 'em anyways. i know i am. like one of my all time favorite bad movies was the original buffy the vampire slayer movie. cheesy acting, not so great special effects, and an OK story line, but i LOVE it.
I have a soft spot for 'Red Sonja' - or should that be Soh-nja? ;)

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ok, probably my all time most embarrassing bad movie would be

Spice World

ok, i know it's not a spoiler, but i just couldn't bring myself to actually write it down, all out in the open like that.
Big LOL! :lol: :laugh2: :lol:

Daughter and I went to see "The Full Monty" at 'Ull one afternoon in early January a few years back. It wasn't on because it was still the school holidays.

Your discreetly veiled film was one of the alternatives...

We settled for "George of the Jungle" :D

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I just loved the old Godzilla movies..... Mouth moves no translation... mouth shut and the character speaks.....
And some of the really old Jackie Chan movies.....
Talk about wonderfully cheesy!
i of course have another one: joe vs. the volcano. i know it's cheesy, but i love it!
umm.... Buffy's good... love that one... but "Top Secret" really old val kilmer vid... probly my fav.
yeah! someone else that likes the original buffy! there's 2 that i'm thinking of right now, but one i can't remember the name of. all i remember is that this woman is killing people, and at one point she actually kills some one with an ear of corn! pretty cool huh?
the other one is serial mom. i love that one. there are so many great lines in that one. has anyone else seen it?
'you don't wear white after labor day!'
i LUV the blob!!!! that's such a great cheesy movie! there's actually a lot when you get into horror movies. one of my favorites is the omen. it's actually kind of creepy when the nanny stands on top of the house just before she jumps off, 'damian, damian, i did it all for you damian...' (then she jumps)
Attack of the Killer Tomatos, that was a cheesy movie. Anyone remeber the cartoon? That was pretty bad too and I loved it. :rolly2:
i remember the cartoon, i even had the nintendo game! how about that?
This island earth as had fun poked at by the MST3K crew which made it a better film
list of bad films i liked are - (i don't know why some of these where bad as i thought they where OK)
Final Fantasy
Dungens & Dragons
The Saint
there are few others but thats all i can remember
I liked 'The Saint' and 'Stargate'. I thought those were great movies. I even have 'The Saint' on tape somewhere. Hmmm, maybe I'll look for it and watch it today. :D
i have the saint somewhere too. i even know the theme song to it. i liked that movie! but you're right, it was kind of one of these good bad movies.
I'm with Dave, the original The Fly and The Return of the Fly, I love it when the fly with the human head says "Phillippe, Phillippe" in a Mickey Mouse voice. How about 20,000 Miles to Earth, the creature is found in a canister by a young boy in Italy of all places, and as they feed it sulfur it grows and grows! Love that movie, the dialogue was atrocious but the monster was great!
Originally posted by msr709
I'm with Dave, the original The Fly and The Return of the Fly, I love it when the fly with the human head says "Phillippe, Phillippe" in a Mickey Mouse voice.

That's exactly the part I was thinking of.

I don't think I've ever seen 20,000 Miles to Earth though, I'll have to look out for it.

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