Episode Seven of Tracker - SPOILERS


Nov 28, 2001
I finally saw episode seven and WOW! Even thought Adrian Paul was only in it briefly, it was excellent. The production quality has just gotten better and better.

Amy Price-Francis did a great job and the guy who played Rod as Cole was very convincing. I think this is to the credit of Adrian who has established so much of Cole's character, that we could recognize him even in a different form!

What did you think? I don't want to think that Adrian won't be in many of the episodes, but wasn't this one good???
Hi, I really enjoy this episode. It was interesting, the story was very good. Also we know a little more of Mel's past before Cole. I really like this one.

Krystal :cool:
Epi Seven...

Sadly, :( I haven't seen this epi yet. I should be getting the tape soon, I hope. Hate missing a week without AP. This series has such good possibilities & improves with each epi. Our Miami station went all Spanish, so keeping everything crossed that another station will pick up "Tracker" including the 2nd season now being sold in Vegas! Yahooooo!!! :O)

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